Paul Jenkins

Senior Lecturer Photography


I discovered photography while working as a cartographic draughtsman.

Attended art school and beyond.

Set up a freelance practice while working as a photographic and design assistant.

Also involved at the development stages, forming what is now called, the Association of Photographers.

Moved to the British Museum / Library as an in-house photographer working studio / location / darkroom.

Continued to work freelance, publications / books.

Formed three photographic enterprises, developing them into limited companies – film & photography hire studios, and an independent international photographic school.

Became company director of all three organisations. continued freelance work, books / publications.

Began teaching on a number of other art school photographic courses, (various academic levels).

Continued with freelance work. books / publications

Moved to part time teaching in higher education. Transfered to full time senior lecturer in photography, in higher education.

I continue to use photography as a means of exploring the philosophy of change,

Currently developing photography ideas linked with the world wide “slow movement”, (inc slow design / slow architecture / slow media / slow money / slow food etc).

Using small architectural developments to define our need / expectations for change, reconsidering the way we think, live and build.

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