Charlotte Bergson: The Hunters of the Invisible at the Stanley Picker Gallery

Charlotte Bergson A Social Event at The Hunters 1The Hunters of the Invisible by Charlotte Bergson exhibition currently is on at the Stanley Picker Gallery and the exhibition talk takes place on Wednesday 24 February at 1.00pm, which is open to all.

Learn more about the Hunting Society, founded in 1634 with the alchemical ‘union’ of Sir Nicolas and the legendary Lady Marianne – also named The Bull – which has remained, up to the present, undisclosed to the public eye.

The exhibition invites viewers to glimpse into a parallel blueprint of creation. The Hunters of the Invisible forms a dialogue between objects kindly loaned by the Hunting Society and new work by the artist resulting from archival research recently undertaken during a residency at the Hunting Society Collection.

Find out more about the exhibition and exhibition talk from the Stanley Picker Gallery website.