ICA Studio Sessions: led by staff and students in Art, Design & Architecture and Philosophy



Led by staff and students in Art, Design, Architecture and Philosophy at Kingston University, Studio Sessions will engage a broad audience in discussion and debate about the future of these disciplines, and how they are increasingly important as ways of thinking about the world. As the venue for these sessions, the ICA Studio encourages debate and conviviality.

Studio Sessions are staged as part of the affiliation between the ICA and Kingston University’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, and the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy.

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Translation as Social Relation
Thu 24 Apr, 6pm
In this session we propose to address a question raised by Naoki Sakaï: What kind of social relation is translation in the first place?

This is So Contemporary: Performance and Performativity in Contemporary Art
Thu 15 May, 6pm
This session explores the intersection between ‘performance’, understood as a post-disciplinary art practice within the context of contemporary art and in its poststructuralist conception as the moment of production of meaning.

Capturing the Intangible: The Heritage of Performance and the Performance of Heritage
Thu 29 May, 6pm
The first of a two-part discussion related to ‘Capturing the Intangible’, this discussion aims to introduce and explore the notion of intangible heritage and its relationship with performance, focusing on specific examples of the use of performance within heritage practice.

The Relevance of Memory to Creativity and Cultural Development in the Digital Age
Thu 5 Jun, 6pm
Panel discussion debating and exploring new media narratives and how new networks such as digital connectivity are changing cultural interpretation and common notions of memory, identity and culture.