Juice event idea sketch



This is the idea sketch for the juice event.

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Exhibition idea – tournament



This is a exhibition idea which is viewers engaged exhibition. Our group is focused on the design process and during the tutorial. We all agreed that it is endless process because solution can not make every single person happy. Some may satisfy with the solution but some may found another problem within the solution. Therefore, this idea each members of our group suggest different solution under one problem and ask people to join in our tournament and make them choose which one is better for them.

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Problem – solution idea sketch



There is no space for people to place on the table especial in England. They all use big plates so it is hard to fit the belongings on the table like smartphone and wallet. This idea sketch shows the solution. Designing a pouch which is made of rubber material and attaching snap fastener button on the top of the pouch which will be placed on the table. Therefore, it wouldn’t make customer feel uncomfortable because it is flexible material so it will be folded freely regardless of customers’s sitting position. Also, it is located in the middle of the table so customers do not have to worry about their belongings get stolen.

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Week 1/2/3 : Problem finding / Exhibition Ideas

Problem finding

Our team have decided to focus on problem solving process so each person were charged in bringing problems into the discussion. For me, I found the problems on the table when I am eating out. In the restaurant , there is not enough spaces for people to place their personal belongings such as mobile phone and purse. As time goes by, mobile phone is getting bigger and some people especially guys do not carry their bags so it is essential to make a space for them.

Slide1 copy 2



Exhibition idea 1


After the tutorial we have decided to focus on how to find the problem. Then, we thought that what kind of situation make us to think creatively and bringing up the problems. That is when we are complaining. So we have started to explore our ideas from complaint.


Design is making things better. Before we design it better, we have got problems and that annoys us. We get an idea through complaint. Our concept is ‘Be annoyed and complains a lot’ For the exhibition, we want to show our “Finding problems” concept in film. We want to film that situation which annoys us then comes up some ideas from the situation.

Slide1 copy



Exhibition idea 2


We can ask people to write down their problems according to the coloured categories. Once they wrote down the problems we can mix the fruits depends on what coloured sticky paper they have used. We are using fruits as metaphor and shows the process of the design and also it attracts audiences as well. This can withdraw people’s attention and increase the number of participants for our exhibition.


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Previous Manifesto before Group A


Before Group A,

Group 18  think that Design is a process about how designers develop ideas then put into products.

Developing ideas can be translated to solving the problem.

Using critical thinking, we should find specific problems and develop the process.


HW4 manifesto_2

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This is the problem that I choose.

We have various kinds of problems in our daily life.

I want to approach it more closely, especially in our school.

Find the problem in the design school.

idea for pt_yoin

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First, find the problems

To proceed the process of solving problems,

we should find the problems first.

These are some ideas about problems that we can choose.


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Manifesto for our groups


new mani


Our new group emphasize design thinking, which has many steps for good design.

We think,  Design is a process of solving Problems.

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Concept of exhibition


There are many stickers with a variety of colours. Every colour represents different kinds of problems. Audiences write their complaints

on the colourful sticker and posts it on the transparent ball.


Finally, there a smile face will be appeared on the ball with plenty of colourful stickers. In addition, the distribution of stickers show the majority of the question in the world.









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Ring infusion bag 3

using direction

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