I’ve been thinking about how to present my final prints. I really liked the experience of leafing through old collections of prints and would like to make this part of the work.

I’d like to mount up the various prints on large numbered leaves – hopefully i can find or make a box or file to fit them. This gave me the idea to make frontispieces to the two prints I’ve made. It was partly inspired by the decorative texts and posters I’d seen while researching.

I also thought it might be a good way to incorporate some different textures into the project.

All the lettering is done by hand, and so isn’t perfect at all – but it was fantastic playing around with the design and i like the look of the finished pieces – as an accompanying part to the maps.

I am going to experiment with printing these on tracing paper – I’m not yet sure if it’s possible but i’d be interested to see some of the mottled textures on a semi translucent paper and I love the idea of layering them in a folder and being able to see the maps underneath the frontispiece.

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