Other People’s Photos

After talking about the incidental and transient in photos – and also looking at the photos I found from Shoreditch College in the 70s I began looking around for photos and source material. I came across a video that had been left on my camera, it was taken by my younger sister of one of her friends:


I experimented using a new digital drawing tool i wanted to try:

It’s very rough but i like the effect and really enjoyed the new technique.

I began looking around at other photos of the same girls, my sister and her friends. I realized as I researched that these are people who I used to know because I saw them every day but over the last few years, since they left home, I know about their lives indirectly. From photos, from things they put on the internet and from stories passed through friends and family.

I liked this idea of a narrative told from a degree of separation. Looking through photos on their camera and facebook profiles I found a couple that had been taken within minutes of each other. It reminded me of a conversation I’d had about piecing together the elements of a narrative.

Both sets of photos had a ‘posed’ and ‘un-posed’ photo. I wanted to use the rotoscoping technique to try and articulate the moments between.

Again, these are really early attempts for me – but what I enjoy most is the idea of a moving picture rather than an animation. I.e a picture that captures the moment someone readies themselves to be recorded – they consciously put on a face or a pose they wish to present.

I’ve enjoyed making these pictures move and have not found it as time consuming as i thought it would be – as long as it’s well planned. I’d like to incorporate these in-between sort of moments into a narrative. Maybe even push what happens between each photo.

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