Andrew Ibi

Course Director MA Fashion / Acting Course Director MA Retail / Senior Design Lecturer BA Fashion

Andrew Ibi Portrait


Graduates from Middlesex University and scoops the Graduate of the year award, specialising in menswear and producing a razor sharp, tailored collection inspired by the ‘Historical London Black Experience’ and it’s cultural significance to fashion and style.


Set’s off for NYC to start working for fashion forecasting agency, “Here & There’. No sooner in NYC is asked to interview for a personal fashion ‘hero’, Joe Casely-Hayford.Return 6 months later to begin work as Joe’s assistant.


Takes Joe Casely-Hayford Role. During this period, from assistant to designer, we produce an extremely influential and significant body of work. Constantly covered in publications like Dazed, ID, Arena and the Face and selling to key stores globally. Pushing the boundaries of intelligent design and menswear. Our runway presentations were received at both Paris and London fashion weeks and covered by all significant press and media.




Sets off for Toronto this time to set up CMX line for Club Monaco. This is a commercial project and contract for 6 months that extends to 1 year. Time is split between NYC and Toronto. Club Monaco is a commercial brand and proves a new successful challenge.

At the same time, the foundations are laid for ‘own labels’. Autumn 2000, is flown to Japan to promote ‘own’ new label and concepts.


Sets up influential Streetwear label Handpaintibi (Sketchbook) and sells globally to key ‘independent’ stores again summoning excellent press and forming strong ties with Japan. Begins work on range for Oki-Ni. The Andrew Ibi (Blue Print) label is formed in 2003 and is sold in Polyanna, B Store and Pineal Eye as well as other key global outlets.

Handpaintibi evolves into Whitelines and uncovers ‘Ironic Sportswear’. All brands are exhibited in Florence, Berlin, Paris and London and receive substantial amounts of press.


Begins to teach at Kingston University and the London College of Fashion.


Head of Menswear at Burlington as the brand tries to launch itself into the Heritage Market. The project is abandoned after 3 season’s, all seasons were exhibited for selling in Florence, Milan, Paris and London.

Decides a change is due.

Burlington 2

2007 – 2012

Evolves ‘The Convenience Store’ concept to open in August 2008 stocking some of fashion’s leading Intelligent, Influential and Avant-Garde Womenswear fashion labels.


Develops season 1 for FCS Womens Luxury Accessories line sold to Harvey Nichols.

Continues to pursue high-level design consultancy and fashion styling.

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