Bernadette Blair

EdD; FRSA; FHEA; Emeritus Professor in Art & Design Pedagogy


Bernadette studied Graphic Printmaking at the Regional College of Art Bradford followed by an MA in Printmaking at Wimbledon School of Art. She then worked as a photographer and printmaker exhibiting both nationally and internationally.

Bernadette’s academic career spans over thirty years. As a fine art printmaker she continues her professional practice alongside her studio-based pedagogic practice. In her career in teaching in both further and higher education in art and design she has personally experienced studio-based learning and teaching as a student, a technician in printmaking, lecturer, course director in Illustration and head of school for Design. Currently she is Academic Director and Reader for Studio-based Learning & Teaching. A successful printmaker and dedicated teacher, - fifteen years ago she applied this experience through an MA in Art & Design Education looking at how and why designers draw and later through her Doctor in Education research. Her pioneering work around the studio critique and feedback to students has informed her own and her colleagues' learning and teaching practice. Interested in assessment and how ipsative assessment is a major part of art and design disciplines, she has promoted and applied models of student-centred learning extending the dialogue and responsibility of students' involvement in assessment and feedback.

A major part of Dr Blair's current role is raising awareness and facilitating her colleagues learning and teaching development. She has presented and published nationally and internationally on studio pedagogy. Her research findings have raised interest throughout the sector not just in the UK but world-wide. An Australian academic summed up the impact as: 'being a very major and very, very positive influence in ... [her] life and ... [she is] much enriched as a person and a teacher and academic. 'She also passionately believes that Dr Blair's work is making 'an enormous positive contribution to education.'

A development from her research has been the development of the MA Design with Learning & Teaching in Higher Education at Kingston, of which she is also the course director.

She has undertaken a Kingston University Teaching Fellowship project looking at 'The understanding and interpretation of verbal formative feedback in international student learning' and is currently undertaking two funded projects, one as one of six partners in a JISC/ADM-HEA funded project on OER (Open Educational Resources) and an individual ADM-HEA funded project examining art and design student formative assessment and feedback and its relationship to learning outcomes and learning experiences.


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