Cathy Gale

Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Since graduating from the RCA in 1993 Cathy has worked as a graphic artist, design researcher, DJ and educator. She is senior lecturer and lead tutor for level 5 BA (Hons) Graphic Design at Kingston University and Associate Lecturer at London College of Communication (UAL). She has also taught at Central St.Martin’s (UAL), Glasgow School of Art, Brighton University, Teesside Institute and Portsmouth University.



Research themes: critical design practice / design ambiguity / creative disruption in education / socio-political design / collecting as creative practice

Cathy recently completed her PhD at Brighton University: 'A Practice-Based Evaluation of Ambiguity in Graphic Design, Embodied in the Multiplicities of X'. She was awarded the ADM-HEA Teaching Fellowship 2010-2011 which funded a website dedicated to collecting as creative practice with particular attention to the role of materiality (primary research) in the digital age.


Conferences / events / exhibitions:

October 2015 // X Appeal: The Role of X in Contemporary Graphic Design / 2nd International Conference & Exhibition on Semiotics and Visual Communication / Cyprus University of Technology

September 2015 // Design as Research / 4th International Visual Methods Conference, Brighton University

May 2015 // Vote for X! / exhibition Kingston University Platform Gallery

May 2015 // Invitation to present design as research at / ‘Making knowledge travel: exploring modes of dissemination for practice-based design research’ / PhD by Design, Leeds College of Art

November 2014 // Invited as a panelist to speak at: GraphicsRCA Panel on Education, RCA, London

April 2014 // Design and presentation: Collecting as a Form of Material Knowledge Across Design Disciplines: a Narrative Research Method from FE to HE to Lifelong Learning, for a funded HEA Seminar Series event / Kingston University

November 2013 // The Offshore Artschool: a Speculative Model for Art and Design Education, in Designs on eLearning conference, The Art of Disruptive Engagement / Wilmington, NC, USA

November 2013 // Offshore Artschool: An Educational Heterotopia, Cumulus Conference, More for Less – Design in an Age of Austerity / Dublin NCAD

September 2013 // Word as Weapon: the Manifesto as a Catalyst for Design Activism, the Design History Soci- ety conference, Design Activism and Social Change / Barcelona, Spain

June 2011 // Quiet Fury: a Manifesto for Suburbia, conference paper and exhibition, Peripheral Visions: Suburbs Representation and Innovation conference / Kingston University

May 2011 // Museum of (x): Collecting as a Transferable Mode of Research, Knowledge and Cognition in Practice, Across Design Disciplines. Three workshops, Pairings: Conversations, Collaborations, Materials conference / Manchester School of Art, Manchester

February 2011 // Drawing on the Digital Foreshore. Recto-Verso: Redefining the Sketchbook conference / Lincoln University

January 2011 // The Museum of X: Collecting as Creative Practice Across Disciplines. Ravensbourne Digital Futures: Making Connections / Ravensbourne University, London

September 2010 // Manifesto: a Project in Practice, LeNS: Sustainability NOW! conference / Bangalore, India

2010 // As Sure as Eggs is Eggs: The Curious Case of X. ATypI conference / Dublin, Ireland

2010 // Making Ideas Happen: Rapid Prototyping and the Design Process. FISCAR conference, Aalto University School of Art and Design / Helsinki, Finland

Museum of (X)

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