Jane Croxford

Senior Knitwear Lecturer


Jane Chadwick is part of the knitwear design duo, Quinton Chadwick, along with her design partner Jess Quinton the company has been successfully trading for over 10 years.

Quinton Chadwick is a seasonal design product, specialising in the Autumn/Winter season. The collection is focussed and edited, typically comprising of knitted accessories and a small range of signature hand knitted garments. The collection is produced in the UK with emphasis on working with small regional factories.

The AW/11 explores traditional heritage themes and craft techniques but with a modern re-interpretation.  Quinton Chadwick are known for their quirky combinations of colour, pattern and texture mixed with a modern silllouhette. ?The collection is stocked throughout the UK including TATE, Fenwicks, Heals and many smaller, independent boutiques. There is also a strong presence overseas, the collection is bought by Isetan and Ships in Japan as well as Henry Bendell and Saks Fith Avenue (USA).

Winners of the UK Fashion Export Award.


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