Case Study

Art students Harry and Patricia Kislevitz invented colorforms, an incredible modern and fun game – or design tool? – compiled of vinyl made shapes -triangles, circles and squares. Boxed sets first appeared in 1950 while the logo was designed by Paul Rand in 1959.













The following stills are taken from the 1950 catalogue that came with the boxed set. It is more than a modernist artifact. It is a timeless design product which is fun, inspirational and educational. Personally I wish I had come across it during my childhood as I find it an invaluable tool for design literacy purposes but I could easily find myself absorbed in it today

Negative space

Negative space, also known as white space, is a term describing areas of no content in an image or any design space. Often misinterpreted as a space of white or black colour, it can in fact be of any colour. Although it has been very popular in Logotype design it is a design factor in any design discipline such as layout design in print or web design, in architecture, interior design and numerous other areas.