Some options

I have 2 options for few pages and I need your help to pick what is better.

(Bluish lines are just rulers)

Process one will be changed later, but i have question about Progress one. I know we said that I should put “>>” in “P”, but i think it looks better without.

Potential like this or with little p next to this one?

And Provocative like this or more rounded? Maybe I should make “line” part longer since rounded version reminds me little on scissors.

P words for book

Since we need 26 “P” words for the book I went through all words you posted and make a choice of 26. If you think I should change or switch some let me know. Hope I didn’t repeat some.

  1. Process
  2. Products
  3. Principles
  4. People
  5. Progress
  6. Positioning
  7. Potential
  8. Projects
  9. Perception
  10. Pattern
  11. Pixels
  12. Pictogram
  13. Playful
  14. Package
  15. Poster
  16. Positive
  17. Patience
  18. Problem
  19. Provocative
  20. Personal
  21. Powerful
  22. Passionate
  23. Paper
  24. Print
  25. Pictures
  26. Possible

New cover suggestions

This is really minimalistic design- which I think works with our latest version of doors, so let me know what you think.

Black cover.


With “P” instead of logo on back cover.

White covers. (I like white ones better- and if we decide to go with them I can print them on nice “recycled” look paper- that is no so white white)

With black logo on back page. (I think I like versions with logo better)

With even bigger “P”

Possible content for book

Content for new book:


2- Page with a lot of letters P (page connecting covers with rest of the book)

3- Quotes

4- Text about project

5- About us page (names+contact+ sketches)

6-18- “P” pages

19- contact + bibliography

20- Page with a lot of letters P (page connecting covers with rest of the book)

This means that we will have 13 “P” pages. Is that enough or is it too much?

We can have more or less. These are possible numbers of those pages: 3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17 etc.. (it has to be odd number of these pages)

What do you think? Should we add something else in content or this is all we need?



Book- again :)

I added new pages and I will post above each page what I still need. If I need to add content page I need to add one more or remove one. Because we need to have I don’t know the word :) number of pages (2,4,6,8,10 etc)

Text about group process.

Do i need to use different text? And again- do I need some part about Nigel Cross?

Text about our progress

Text about our group, individual names, individual mails/websites etc. +Iellas sketches about us.

Code + Bibliography

Book progress

Here is book so far.

Should I leave this as title? (“What is design”)

On left side are established quotes and on right are quotes from interview- should I write that somewhere? If yes- than how should is name in one/two words quotes from interview?

Maybe we can add sentence or two about Nigel Cross? (we have place left bellow people part)

I think I need to separate a little left and right side of door so we have 3mm space before end of the both pages just for case.. Also these 3 door pages may change when we find out which door layout we will use.

I need some text about our group here, name of members (I only know your first names so please post me your full names :) + contact info/mail/if you have website etc..).

Can we have scan code for our blog address? If so can someone who knows send it to me- or send me link to site where I can make it?

Also can someone send me bibliography?

New book

This is layout at the moment- I can change it a little when we have final door design.

Also- blue lines don’t really exist.

I am not sure what title should be so I just out “What is design”

This is what we need for content- quotes, project explanation, people (about our group), bibliography, all doors picture and scan code for blog website.

(numbers of pages are not right on these snapshots but I corrected them in actual files)