docs for upload


Sorry I did not receive any email with;
– final image edits nor the
– final booklet.
Please can these be popped over on email and/or uploaded here?
Thanks in advance Jx

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  1. Profile photo of Sarah Hill Sarah Hill says:

    I’ve emailed the final images but think Mamiyu will need to send the booklet as I don’t have the correct font and mine cannot open properly even in pdf for some reason.

  2. Hi I will update booklet data soon.

    Do you think we should include all page of booklet in research folder?
    ? or just pages I made ?

    Steph might have actual my final version image because she edited it.

  3. Profile photo of Sarah Hill Sarah Hill says:

    I’ve just included the pages I made at the moment but I think it just depends what comments you want to make, so either way.

  4. I am also including the pages I did and will only use the others if relevant. jx

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