Movie_The world is not plain.

This movie is about how the inclined table can be used. We just started to explore using this new perspective table because we thought different perspective is the starting point to find new possibilities in design process. We figured out good aspects of the inclined table and take a film. We could find unexpected good points of this table and we realised switching our perspectives is important in design.  After that, I edited this movie with music.


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Work & Exhibition

I made a graphic board to show our concept and kinds of table because our design concept may be difficult to understand easily. So when I am making this board, I tried to focus on clarity using black & white. In addition, for making this board, we need some illustration to explain ‘How to use tables as some other ways’. So I also made an illustration with other members.



This is my process about making work and symbol design.




I suggested about our exhibition for how do we show our work more effectively.



I performed our group’s movie. The Performance is not easy because this was my fist acting but it was quite interesting moment. I performed ironing, and sleeping after reading books.

111 222

Everybody Good job!!


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In this two months. Even sometimes we got different opinions. However, we still have lots of happy time. Maybe our work is not perfect, but everyone make the effort.

It is really nice that tutor give us a chance to work together.
In this period, we learn how to cooperation and communication.
Even this is hard sometimes, this also give us a experience of teamwork. Wish everyone cherish we are working together.
marry Xmas!! So nice to meet you all.

IMG_4957 IMG_4959 IMG_4960 IMG_5657 IMG_5831 IMG_5976 IMG_5983

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This is our group~~

HEY, guys, I took some pic about our job.. Haha, It’s quite interesting.Thanks for everyone put effort on this group. Nice to meet you guys. Love you~~~XXXIMG_5660IMG_5083 IMG_5658 IMG_5660 IMG_5972 IMG_5082 IMG_5658 IMG_6097

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Illustration work

We think the simple circle can emphasize our ideas. Then we decided use black and write to draw , coz we think this is strong and clearly and visually way. After that I thought how to make people easy to understand? So I decided first circle we show the general shape about table. Second circle draw different angle about that table. Then the  use start at third circle, and maybe some use more some less. We can control the  quantity of circle flexibly.QQ截图20131201013612


poster part1



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How people use their products is about habits and how they have learnt to do so.  Habits create relationships, in this case between human and designs. Every human has these relationships with the designs around him, but is the way in which every person uses it that this relation becomes personal. Through design we can understand that people can also be guided to new ways of habits. Our group aims to show how an ordinary design like a table that is designed in a totally different way can create new possibilities of relationships. We expect to open new ways of design by observing people response to our re-designed table.

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Brief version_revised 100 words summary

I revised 100 words briefly. Please, read and if you have any other opinion, create a new version to be fixed and upload here. After that, we can discuss about every each summaries which team members write.

Switching our perspectives is the starting point in opening a new world. People live in many relationships with various designs such as products or services. These relationships decide our life style, behaviour, and even ways of thinking. Our team wants to show the newly defined relationships between human and design. We transformed a conventional table to an inclined one. This table might either convenient or not, but the convenience is not important here. Our team looks at this table as a key to exploring ‘the new relationship with designs’. Our team is expecting to broaden scopes in creating new types of tables while observing people’s response to this inclined table.

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Making the inclined table in 3D workshop

We were struggling with making a table of wood because we don’t have any product designer. This process to make a table was quite interesting even though it was hard for me. Our good collaboration finally came up with a new perspective table as our desire.


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About more extended relationship between human & design

Our team discussed about the relationship more and decided to explore more extended relationship than before. We researched some cases about “Redesign”. Especially, Hara Kenya who designed the philosophy of simplicity is a brilliant example. He redesigned many products by switching of perspectives.

This thinking map is a part of my effort to reorganise our concept about extended relationship between human and design.






This link is Hara Kenya’s web site which we were inspired.

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