Revised Summary

Our exhibit piece is a line of items that aid the designer in keeping their creativity flowing and challenging their ideas. Our manisfesto emphasised a lot of points, but all of them pertained to the designer, and their ability to be happy and enjoy what they were designing, believing that once you have a designer who is enjoying their work, despite all the obstacles that come their way, the design is bound to be a successful one.

Our products consist of:

- A set of dice that, when rolled, the outcome corresponds to actions that one can take to help them rethink their process, or step away from their space and try something new.

- A pair of glasses with interchangeable lenses that are representative of a new perspective. Perhaps seeing things differently will help inspire and motivate.

- A map of London that is designed to help you “get lost” by giving you minimal information. This is to allow for exploration and discovery. For an extra dose of adventure, a pencil that can decide your direction is supplied.

- A little “food for thought”, some fortune cookies to sate your hunger (at least a little bit!) as well as your desire for some direction from the greats.

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