Week 4 – Group Manifesto/Researching the Image – Design Research

Tuesday 15th October 

In the morning Rosie, Carlo, Chris and I update and amended our group manifesto. We ended up with one I am pleased with. This is it:


In the afternoon Paul gave a talk about researching an image and broke down the research process in to two parts. 

Primary Research – documenting events. 
And Secondary Research – looking at other peoples work for inspiration
Secondary Research can be Pinterest, creating a scrap folder, emovieposter (vintage posters), or even collecting found photos (with interesting stories behind them). 
Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 23.15.58
He also recommended using Flikr to store images, and using lightroom for altering images. Creative Commons for find more about copyright, and Tin Eye for sourcing photos.
He told us to create visuals research folders, to show the journey we had been on and the process we have taken. It also reveals how we operate as individuals.
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