Borough Market and Tate Modern

I don’t have many things to say about Borough Market. I think that the most of us focus on the smells and colors of the food and they didn’t pay attention on the shapes at all! I can admit that I was one of them!

I visited Tate Modern last year but back then I wasn’t being able to understand the most of the exhibits. This time was different, I found myself standing in front of one piece for a couple of minutes and observe the shapes and how the shapes interact with each other and at the same time with the environment around them! How other shapes born from the shadows and the light and how the same shapes are disappearing when you change position and look that piece of art from different perspective. I can’t say that I can understand everything or I like everything but I can appreciate them.



Also, I was impressed by the many kids I saw in the museum during my visit there! Some of them gave me the impression that they understand better than me the pieces of artwork that they were looking at, even if they didn’t understand anything at all! It was the way they were sitting in front of an installation piece or a painting and the look in their faces. I wish I could be in their little minds and see the images and the connection they made, I bet this would be really interesting, inside there the barriers that all of us have, don’t exist!