Map Pattern Tests

I had come to a standstill with the maps. Although the textures were interesting to make and i liked the look of the maps themselves, I was feeling a bit restricted and maybe a bit bored.

Paul suggested I stop thinking of them as maps and start to play around with them as marks or patterns. I designed a few maps of my own that use different shapes. I then digitally repeated them.


i was amazed at how much the shapes changed in repetition. I really like how you can lose yourself in the patterns, reading them as maps into kaleidoscopic patterns . The idea of a symmetrical repeat of a hand drawn map is nice in terms of where i started with even and uneven grids. The largest one also reminded me of wallpapers.

I went to have a look at the V&As collection of wallpapers – the different paper qualities were amazing and i love the soft faded inks and prints. I like the architectural prints for their large pattern and close detail, the colours and shapes in the repetitions were fantastic as well.

I was also reminded of Posey Simmonds’ comics using pastoral wallpapers. I’d like to make use of the idea of little vignettes in the patterns – making use of some of the brilliant stories I’ve read about the area.

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