revised 100 words for groupE_brief version

Switching our perspectives is the starting point in opening a new world. People live in many relationships with various designs such as products or services. These relationships decide our life style, behaviour, and even ways of thinking. Our team wants to show the newly defined relationships between human and design. We transformed a conventional table to an inclined one. This table might either convenient or not, but the convenience is not important here. Our team looks at this table as a key to exploring ‘the new relationship with designs’. Our team is expecting to broaden scopes in creating new types of tables while observing people’s response to this inclined table.

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About more extended relationship between human & design

Our team discussed about the relationship more and decided to explore more extended relationship than before. We researched some cases about “Redesign”. Especially, Hara Kenya who designed the philosophy of simplicity is a brilliant example. He redesigned many products by switching of perspectives.

This thinking map is a part of my effort to reorganise our concept about extended relationship between human and design.




This link is Hara Kenya’s web site which we were inspired.

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About personal relationship between human and design

We were struggling to find the personal relationship between human and design. I thought that “The second shop” can be an example that shows empathy well. This map shows a part of my effort to define the relationship.


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Interim 2


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My thinking about “what is design?”

Design is not only a product but also making a system or behaviour for people’s demands.

A designer who don’t understand a whole context which a product should be existed and people’s behaviours can’t create a good design.

The good design is handed to many people. After that, the design starts to make a personal history with each person and belong to their life. This bonded relationship between design and human can’t be broken easily and remain as a special memory.

The life span of a good design is quite long than we think.

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Design Brief

Thinking about the design brief remands me of what is design.

Last week, I was searching for examples of design briefs and saw other classmates’ presentations about design briefs. Through these processes, I realised that most designers are using almost the same design brief template, even though the areas of work were quite different such as graphic design, advertisements and architecture. I know many huge companies pursuing innovation are actually using the same style of template, which are often 80 pages long.

To pursue real innovation, the approach to products or services should be different. Some people say well organised templates are efficient for large teams. However I think that design brief should not only be efficient but also meaningful.

I believe that a design brief needs to show the ultimate purpose and big picture of the project. It should be clear and motivate co-workers to be involved in the design more deeply. Design briefs which are long-winded and without real point are just boring nobody would read it.

To create a really meaningful design brief, designers should think out of the box. It means they need to draw a map of the structure of the project related to its objectives, co-workers and context-not just following conventional templates.

Many designers are not invited to participate in a project at the first stage. Designers should understand not only the product but also the system or circumstance within which the product exist. I know that many designers are just working with given design briefs. I would say this design process would make them just job-holder not a designer.

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GroupE_my favourite things with my story

At the last meeting, we compromised to show my favourite things with my story. And we organised the four ways to show these.

This is the lists what we said and Julie organised this as a document. We decided to develop the third one more with the first idea.

Next meeting will be about detail exhibition style for this concept.

Next meeting is at 12pm on Tuesday. See you at that time!!


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GroupE_Searching image related to our narrowed keywords

At the last meeting, we narrowed our ideas. Here is the main sentences which we said before.

After that, we was supposed to find examples like images, movies or thinking which represent the sentences. Here is our sentences and idea board.

We discussed and organised our ideas how we can express about “what is design?”


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7 Basics to Create a good Design Brief

This is very a useful guideline to make good Design Brief. We can refer this rules when we start a project.

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GroupE_Ideation process

At last meeting, we narrowed our main theme such as happy relationship, My, my stuff with my story or history and personal relationship with my own products. And we did tasks to take pictures my favourite things.



My favourite things




Discussing script



Focusing more and extract our real main concept.


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