Koji Yamamura – Animation Creator & Illustrator

Born in 1964 in Nagoya, Japan.

He loves children’s fantasies. His command of different techniques using his hand drawn pictures, clay, and sounds has made him one of the leading names in the animation world. Especially in the Japanese animation context, he stand out with his poetic quality and his capacity to provoke reflection through humor. Visually and Verbally pleasure.

<ep.1″The Pacusi Family”, ep.3″A Picture Book”, ep.4″Brushing Teeth”, ep.14″Vehicles”, ep.16″Soft Cream”>(1994)- Broad casted on NHK Children’s TV show



(1996)—on NHK children’s TV show

(2002) –Oscar Nomination


Yamamura Animation Website —Yamamura Koji- website


“Pacusi” (1994)—pacusi ep1,3,4,14,16

“Bavel’s Book” (1996)—

“Mt.Head” (2002)—

“A Country Doctor” (2007)—

“Pieces” (2003)—

















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