Assignment of topics

As we haven’t had enough posts this weekend, I’ve contacted people individually about which topics they should find examples for, and this would be the master list:

Chi Cigdem – Rules
(edit) Judie (Xiaodan) – Collaboration industries/disciplines
Allis – Rules/ Design snobbery
Chorong – Access/Excess
Niki – Taken out of context / appropriate for purpose
Alex – Has finished the manifesto and is working on our text that is going with our piece at the exhibition, so she is given leeway on that.

Andres and Zaid – Good job on posting! If you have more examples that can work, please continue the good work!


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  1. XIAODAN is Judie :) hahaha~~~~

  2. Aaaah I am so sorry! That is horrible of me… Xp Your two names keep getting me confused! ;D I hope you’re not too offended!

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