Photos from the project

I’ve posted most of the photos before, but these are the final few from when we were setting up the exhibition.

Also just wanted to say a HUGE well done to everyone in the group, and a massive thank you too – I’ve really enjoyed working with you all and I am really proud of the work we have produced together. X

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Exhibition: What Is Design – Design Underdevelopment

Dear all, these are photos I took during the exhibition on 16 Jan.

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Tomorrow’s meeting

Hey, I’ve booked  the study room in Lib today for tomorrow morning’s meeting from 9:30.

It’s room A, and we have 2 hrs to use it, then in the afternoon it has been booked by others (also the room B is the same), so we should check if there is any room available in the afternoon. See you guys tomorrow! :)

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Design Manifesto in Hungarian


Tervezokent ertekeljuk es elvezzuk a mas szakteruletekrol valo tervezokkel torteno egyuttmukodest.

Fontosnak tartjuk megtalalni az egyensulyt az ujitasban, figyelembe veve a lehetseges negativ hatasait a progresszionak.

Hisszuk, hogy a fenntarthatosag az egyik alaptorveny kell hogy legyen a tervezeskor, es ideje veget vetni a mostani gatlastalan fogyasztasnak.

A design lelkiismeretes kell, hogy legyen, tehat nem tamogatjuk a nem felelossegteljes tervezest.

Szabalyok kellenek, hogy alapot adjanak, de neha meg kell oket ‘hajlitani’ es szegni.

Nem kedveljuk viszont a szabalyokbol eredo ‘jo’ es ‘rossz’ kategorizalast vagy a tervezoi sznobizmust.

A design mindenutt korulvesz, mindenki szamara hozzaferheto a felhasznalas vagy amator alkotas reven, de ugyanakkor ugy gondoljuk, jelen korunkban mertektelenseg es felesleg kepzes folyik.

Ertekeljuk a celjanak megfelelo, etikus tervezest, mely figyelembe veszi a kulturalis aspektusokat, de nem tamogatjuk amikor nem helyenvalo, kontextusabol kiragadott.

Felismerjuk, hogy a hatekonysag erdekeben elengedhetetlen a kozonsegnek megfelelo hangnem megtalalasa.

A vizualisan vonzo designt szorakoztatonak talaljuk, de tervezok vagyunk akik cellal rendelkezo termeket terveznek.

Kerlek latogassatok el a blogunkra hogy a pontok alatamasztasara szolgalo peldakat megtekintsetek.


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Update on Exhibition

Hi guys,

I will post this on the facebook message too, but this is what I have written for our exhibition text. I’ve refined the previous text to make it relevant for our new exhibition, but please let me know what you think – it is currently 227 words, out of a maximum of 250, but alterations can be made in any part that you don’t feel is correct. We need to send it in by the end of tomorrow (today, as it is just after 4am… delightful!)

Our exhibition depicts the culmination of our experience answering the question: ‘what is design?’ As we all come from different cultures, we’ve found it to be an interesting process, considering a wide variety of examples and creating an agreed viewpoint.

We have come to believe that design is not an isolated act; whether there be (for example) cultural, moral, immoral or even ignorant actions or influences, design is created through influence. We believe it is important to realise that design can also have considerable influence, which is why we have generated our manifesto.

For the progression of design culture and the industry, it is imperative that critical design thinking and discussion take place and this forms the basis of our exhibition piece. In showcasing our manifesto in a variety of languages, we are attempting to engage you, our audience and peers, with our opinion and encourage you to form your own view on design.

We hope to do this via an online platform that presents the supporting evidence for our manifesto, accompanied by critical opinion. Our intention is to reach a wide audience, including people from outside our university and also in our respective countries, and so we ask you to consider our manifesto, use the QR codes to observe our evidence and to, please, comment and contribute to the debate surrounding the question: ‘what is design?’

Also, with regard to our exhibition space and emailing Colin – Kjerstin and I managed to speak to him personally, after our second meeting with the tutors, and so (I hope you have all seen the revised exhibition layout plan) we are going to be placed on the centre of the wall we were talking about today, funnily enough it seems to be in the exact space where we were discussing the A1 or A2 size of the current hanging exhibition pieces!

Niki, I realise this may not make sense to you at all – don’t worry. Basically, after some much needed critical feedback from the tutors regarding our exhibition, and some discussion between ourselves, we have decided that our exhibition, though it showed our process really well, was over complicated and potentially wasn’t going to be particularly effective as an exhibition piece. It has been decided that we will be creating 9 posters, featuring our manifesto written in each language. As the format of each poster will be the same, we will place your Hungarian text in the design and if you could just check it over on Monday for any corrections, that would be brilliant.

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exhibition feedback

hi, does everyone receive the email from colin?

” We’ve had a lengthy discussion among the staff team and concluded that we still want to give each group the opportunity of being included.  However, there are some groups we have a genuine concern over their readiness to exhibit and these groups need some fairly urgent further tutorial discussion.  Ian and Sinead will meet them tomorrow at 2.00 in TK202, as follows:

2.00 – Group A”

we need to tutorial again tomorrow! Hope there is not bad feedback for our group.

Good luck.

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Meeting on the 8th of January – Tuesday

Hello my fellow group “A” under construction students, tomorrows meeting will be held at approximately 09:00 A.M.

See you all there! :D

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for exhibition

Hi, everyone. I am apology that I posted the layout of the sheet now. These are my sketches for exhibition which copied the main point from Kjerstin’s.  I used square, dot and line to link the images. I have to say that i am very poor about these but I can try and give some ideas. Thanks.

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to ask if you want to have a meeting before our presentation on Tuesday. I’m going back to kingston tomorrow, so I’m free on Friday and Monday. I think it would be a good idea to meet and have everything ready for Tuesday!

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Design Sketch Kjerstin

Great to see that things are being posted guys! :D


These are my semi-rough design sketches for a part of the sheet. The different directions could signal if it’s the positive or negative part of the manifesto-points. Lines could be thinner and closer together. (Note, the colours aren’t necessarily with their respective points, I couldn’t make out what had which colour in my photos, so this is an approximation. Also did not colour pick from the colour code file. I tried some different coloured backgrounds, but I keep coming back to white, it seems to be the best choice considering the amount of visual stimuli we’ll be having already.

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