Youtube videos!

Hey guys, we have all the videos uploaded to our youtube account! Here is Zaid’s video:

Now I just need the original text in arabic (zaid) and Hungarian (nikki) so I can add it to the video information! It would be very helpful if you could just post the text here in the comments.

Happy new year!

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Happy New Year!

Hey guys,


I just did a sketch kind of thing for our exhibition piece…..its in the dropbox as a jpeg and the original .ai file too although all the images are linked.

Also, I have put quotes for the relevant points up on our GoogleDoc.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!!!!!!




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Christmas post!

How is everyone? I can image I’m not the only one who feels that time is a bit tighter than imagined, it’s quite a time-consuming holiday!

I know Alex has been uploading evidence to Tumblr, and I am trying to keep up with the uploading I need to be doing there as well.

It would be helpful if you guys commented with what you’ve done, and what still needs doing from our Dec. 21 deadline. Of course this was set so we wouldn’t have to work during the actual Christmas days, so it is not set in stone, but would be very helpful if things were done as soon as possible.

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Summary of 12.12.12

What we’ll have done by the 21. of dec:

  • Work out what info goes on Tumblr account, set up an account
    – Alex and Kjerstin
  • Finding the biggest image versions of our examples that we can find – put them in the common dropbox folder.
    – Everyone
  • Make a blooper reel
    – Cigdem(?)
  • Testing out design layout on a computer.
    – Everyone tries their own version of the designs. See sketches under here for examples of the direction we want to go in.
  • Assign colours to the specific topic
    – We didn’t say much about this, but I think it would be good to have decided in not too long, it shouldn’t be completely random.


What needs to be done before we start up after Christmas:

  • Fill in appropriate tags on Tumblr, write in most of our discussions related to the images/videos)
  • Begin to design final layout on a computer.


Alex will place these onto our Tumblr account.


I (Kjerstin) take care of these:


Other photos from yesterday:

So our images link nicely with examples on both sides! Zaid, you will have to share the file you used for the material test so we can try out designs with the colour combo we ended up with, let me or Alex know if you need a clearer image of which one we went for, as Alex brought them with her. + Don’t forget I have your sketchbook!

What we now know:

  • The material prints images very well, we won’t get the darkest blacks, but the matte effect and the texture is just lovely. Note: It took at least 40 min for the school printers to print this so we’ll need to do this at least a few days before we have to to make sure it gets done.
  • We have put colour codes on the images we have carefully selected from our blog posts, but we are keeping it flexible in case we can’t find pictures of certain evidences that are sufficiently big enough. Speak up if there are certain images you would like to include but make sure you have an idea of where they could be placed so they are still relevant to each other.
  • We have most of our manifesto videos up and running, Zaid is waiting for assistance from a copywriter that specialises in Arabic.
  • PS: Final text that goes with the exhibit will need to be decided by tomorrow at 5(?) Did we move away from what Alex wrote last time?

Extra: Possible visual inspiration that Alex found online yesterday.


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Hello guys!


Just wanted to ask how did today go? Is the YouTube account set up? I am very curious….could you please post the link so I can check it tonight after work? Thanks a lot :)

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More examples about breaking the rules

By the photographer: Jan Kriwol (

Afterlight–Personal Project


Paper Reality –Personal Photo project

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Hey guys

If you can start your video: this is our design manifesto in… (Language)

And end with ‘please see our other blog posts for manifesto evidence.’ Said in your language.


if you can record them on Photobooth tonight then we can post them tomorrow at 10!

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Example of Breaking/Bending Rules

Again, sorry for the late posting, and I tried to find the examples to fit this point, but actually it’s a bit difficult to find the example that fit completely. Not sure if it will help, but what I found for the example of this point is like the following:


The cover of The Clase Premier Aug 2012

For me, it is really interesting, because usually the portrait should be drawn with art material, however, this designer used the foods to make a mosaic portrait. For me, I think that it’s kind of having the basic rules in their portrait design but still allow the possibility to bend/break those traditional portrait rules.

You can find the video of making process of this portrait here:


And another example is this:

Bags Design by JUMP FROM PAPER (

Jump From Paper is a design group from Taiwan. At first, they just think if they could make the bags that exactly what they design on the paper. Then they started to think about design the object into 2D, so their products always look like 3D cartoon bags, but actually are flat and 2D bags. It makes their bag interesting, because every bag in the world is 3D object design. However, it still follow some of the rules of bag design, though they are 2D bags, they still have big volume inside, even then a laptop can be carried in this 2D bag.



At last, is this:

The Baloom Dresses Design by Rie Hosakai (

The designer Rie Hosakai used balooms to design dresses, although the life of those dresses are only 24 hours depending on the life of these balooms. On the one hand, the dress is used to decorate the beauty of woman, but on the other hand, as the clothes, they should be durable. Therefore, for me, this is kind of the design that following the rule but also breaking it.


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Innovative/Fun Examples from Allis


The examples that Andres posted makes me think of another similar pet shampoo advertisement:

Shampoo product of Vitakraft (


Hole-To-Another-Universe Wall Sticker from SWISS MISS Studio



Mini Trimmer Advertisement from TONDEO (


SBP Pesticide Advertisement


Also, Zaid’s example make me think of this:

IWC Big Pilot Watch Bus Strap Advertisement

And this:

Harley Davidson Bus Advertisement


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Our Exhibition Layout Plan from Allis

Hi everyone, very sorry for the late posting, because I got serious cold recently and feel ill in the previous days, but now is getting better…anyway, this is what I’ve done for our exhibition layout plan:


This is my first draft on the paper


And I tried to cut up it into columns. (Then I found the lines should be displayed in more simple way to avoid the messy feeling)


Here is my digital samples of the final layout:

I adjusted the pictures into different colors to represent our different points in manifesto, and used the same color of line to combine the evidences in the same point with each others. Also, every color can be overlapping with other colors.

Then I used covered shadows to represent the sub-points in the same color (as our “Dislike” sub-points).


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