5 important elements of Design

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This is my personal 5 important elements of Design infographics and short comment of each element below.

infographics-2 (pdf version)


Art vs Design : Art and Design are similar but the purpose for doing so are entirely different. it can not be completely separated each but they should be distinguished. Art is the way of expressing opinion, thought and messages. On the other hand, Design is the way to solve problems.

Fit for purpose : As design is the way of problem-sovling, designer has to investigate the cause of issue and find out how to solve it. If the solution (design) does not fit for purpose it would not help anything.

Comprehensible : Not every audience is like people visiting museum and enjoying art. Time is limited, so speed of communication is essential for our daily life.

Functionality : it is the actual factor to achieve the goal and High functionality adds credibility and value of design. the process of responding to the needs can allow people to be more satisfied.

Motivate people : Motivating people is final goal of design. Good design can not only encourage people to purchase items but also create any movement with sympathetic or surprise.

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