some packaging research


Finding that there are some gender specific designs but also finding that there are lots of gender neutral designs. Have popped some examples here

Tissue designs pdf

I have interview with Tara tomorrow (from gender equality government office) and so please let me know if there are any particular angles you want me to cover.

Chatting to Kirsty (head of packaging design) on Mon eve so shout out before then if poss.

Thanks Jane

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  1. Profile photo of Sarah Hill Sarah Hill says:

    Hey Jane, would be interested to know if there what particular measures or sanctions are in place to reduce gender discrimination in marketing. Obviously it would be a bit politically in corrected to target a product at a particular race for example, so how is gender differentiated. I’d also be very interested in how gender particular advertising is targeted at children since I think there are strict rules about what and how you can advertise to children regarding sugar contents, violence etc. Don’t know if these are appropriate to her job role but areas of interest investigation anyway. Also maybe could be posed to Kirsty too.

    Thanks for setting up the interviews and good luck!


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