Gender Neutrality

Hey, here’s some articles of interest regarding progress towards gender neutrality.

Child with secret gender:

And another (!):

‘Hen’, Swedish gender neutral pronoun: – Swedish is by no means the only language with gender-neutral pronouns. Examples in English include the invented “zhe” and “thon,” and the Middle English “ou,” however these pronouns are uncommon in mainstream speech. In October 2012, the British town of Brighton proposed abolishing titles like “Miss,” “Mrs” and “Mr,” replacing them with the gender-neutral “Mx” — the full form of which is “Mixter.”

… and this article focus more on language.

Some children’s toys advertising for Toys R Us first one from Sweden compared to the same catalogue in Denmark:

PJ-BL117_TOYSJU_G_20121128165705 PJ-BL118_TOYSJU_G_20121128165620


This seems to be Sweden wide as other retailers have done the same thing:



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