Images of the Final Piece

屏幕快照 2014-12-08 4.25.47屏幕快照 2014-12-08 4.25.30

This special cracked glazed tea cup has been used for five years, We transferred a brief text on the surface of the tea cup, which is “I enjoy in holding and observing it in my spare time… This is my cracked glaze tea cup, the more times I use it for drinking tea,  more widely the cracked mark will spread. I expect to its changes after every time I use it, sometimes, I even drink tea for seeing more changes on the tea cup’s surface…”

It tells about how the owner uses it, what kind of mood the owner have when she uses it and how the characteristic changed the owner’s using habit of the tea cup. It visualises the relationship between the user and the tea cup. we want to emphasize the importance of emotional design and users role in emotional design through the final piece.

As so far, we are happy with this tea cup as our final piece, but we still think it still has improvement potential, so we will work in a group and try to find the best way to convey our manifesto clearly and strong.


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