A 100-word summary of our design outcome

Design gives an object life; Use gives it soul.

The final piece is a tea cup with a transferred short text on its surface, it visualises the relationship between the user and the tea cup.  Actually like the tea cup, there are many rich and invisible contexts (it may be a memory or it can be your personal identity) behind every commonly used objects, which connect with users tightly and sensitively. It is about a long-term interaction and communication between users and objects, it is a process that users give a design its meaning or soul, and it is related to emotional design. We want to emphasize this process through the final piece, emphasize the importance of emotional design and users’ role in emotional design.

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  1. Profile photo of Meisi Sun Meisi Sun says:

    when can we see the final picture of the tea cap?

  2. Profile photo of Paul Postle Paul Postle says:

    Well done everyone for putting so much work in. I really look forward to seeing the results. A good blog that clearly shows your progress.

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