“Idea map” for organising many idea

Through this map, we could know well the ideas what we are thinking about Design. So we could organise well and narrow our common concept; personal relationship with my favourite stuff, Mine, story of my things, memory, happy relationship and so on..



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Brainstorming for combining two manifesto

GroupE (6+7)

Brainstorming Board which our team put together keywords to combine our two Manifestos. proceeding this stage every idea and opinion were respected . And through this stage, we could define exactly what we are thinking and what is our common idea.


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November 4 – Researching ideas, how can we translate the relationship between design and humans? how can we communicate these concept? Here are the final ideas of todays meeting.





A. Make one T-shirt as a group – deconstruction of the item – each one of us works on the little piece

Final outcome: construction of the t-shirt with the different pieces.


B. T-shirt. Each one of us customizes it on his own way.

Final outcome: all the t-shirts become one.



A.The design has the leader role. Focus on it – from creation to disposal.

Final outcome: video, photographs, illustrated board.


B. We play “roles” in the design process.

Final outcome: video, photographs, illustrated board.



A.Our favorite items. Each one of us showcasing their favorite items.

Final outcome: photographs.


B.Our items alone.

Final outcome: photographs.




A.Who and how will use it. How can they make a simple item personal?

Final outcome: photographs, video.



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November 1 – I think it is a good idea to take photographs of our favorite things. It could be a helpful way to understand the relationship between humans and things. It might help us understand this relationship. Here are my favorite things.



My Laptop. My laptop for me is my connection to the world, is a big part of my life, and it’s not because of what it is but because through my laptop i feel that i am close to my family and my friends. Is my way to communicate with them every day. If i loose it i will get in panic just because i will feel away from my “home”.

My Shoes. I bought those shoes 2 years ago. When I first show them and tried them i felt that finally i found the shoes that are just for me. I wear them all the time. There aren’t any other shoes that I prefer more that those.  Everyone around me recognize me from that shoes. They are very simple and not very expensive. But something in their design attract my attention.

My Sunglasses. Actually are my mother’s sunglasses but she gave them to me. I remember my mom with those sunglasses when I was a kid. I remember our family holidays in greece and my mother always wore  that glasses, it’s like a part of my childhood and a part of my mother. Those sunglasses are my favorite, they have a lot of history on their lens.

My perfume.  I don’t like perfumes actually because I can’t stand the strong smells. But this one is unique. I was in a shop with a friend of mine and she wanted to buy a perfume. I was helping her to choose. I tried this on my wrist. I was smelling my wrist all time that day. I love it, It smells like all the flowers of the world in one bottle, It smells like spring, but I didn’t needed a perfume. Then one day my sister bough it for me, and from that day I wear it everyday.

My earrings. Actually are the earrings of one of the most important persons in my life. A person that I had around me when I was very young, and just looking at those earrings even if I can’t remember anything from that age is like I see that person again.

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October 28

CONSIDERING THIS (it is on the brief)

Produce an exhibition piece, in interdisciplinary groups of 8. This is to be a critical, design-based reflection on ‘design’ – a design outcome about design.

I thought of this:

By taking in mind the most important points of our two manifestos I tried to think something critical and what I believe “design” is…

➢ Relationship
➢ The audience should inspire the idea
➢ Human need
➢ Matched
➢ Familiar-childhood, memories
➢ Make people happy
➢ First impression
➢ Interesting and witty
➢ Easy to use
➢ Participate

A film or photographs

I was thinking about a mini film or a series of photographs
In witch we could present this unknown relationship between the designers and the costumers.

A very quick example (sorry I cant find images to explain you this)

We could start by showing the “designer” designing the product
Then the product on the store.
Then the first impression!!
Then the product on the hands of the costumer.
Then the product in the space of the costumer.
Then showing the years passing an the product still there 
Then the product is broken…

The end of a relationship. 

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After the presentation, we focused on the relationship more.

After the presentation of exhibition, we got a critic. Tutor did not understand about our ‘relationship with favorite items’. So we had a problem how to explain about what is favorite item and why do we choose. We needed a reason why the items are favorite. After discussion, our team decided that relationship is important our concept than others. So we focused on relationship to find apt example. After that, we could find a message related in redesign. One of example, Hara Kenya who is Japanese designer show that redesigned products influenced people’s behavior. By referencing the message, we could keep going our work that design is relationship between human and design.

 This is one of example. (http://www.ndc.co.jp/hara/)
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Presentation of exhibition

This our presentation data.

We focused on combining between our favorite items and human.



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100 words as interim evaluation.

This is our 100words as interim evaluation.

Design is relationship with you. We live with lots of design. However, design has been disappearing as well as appearing and it sometimes forgotten by people because it has difference from need or not. Although people do not use some stuff, most favorite stuffs are not only using for a long time but also dealing with more valuable. Therefore we focused on what is favorite thing and how is different from others. The answer is that favorite items have a relationship with you and it has a personal story. In conclusion, we will present this as favorite stuff and portrait.


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Suggestion for exhibition

I suggest two kind of prototype for exhibition. The first one is made by our favorite items. Using the favorite items. We will made a human face as a portrait or mobile . It means that design is relationship between human and favorite items. As a similar way, the second suggestion is using shadow. It will be showed like a human face as our favorite items fixing on the wall.


This is example that made by Craig and Karl, Kumi yamashita.


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