Research for exhibition


I found some image to reference to our group for exhibition.






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My favorite items


To compare and develop our idea, we gathered our favorite items.



I am using this since 2006 and it always live with me. I bought this to commemorate my first trip in Europe at 2006. After using this, I do not forget credit card or some money no longer.


This is my married ring. It is really important item. It can not change anything or much money.


i phone

My phone has a big scratch in middle of LCD because I just drooped on the street. However, some friend said to me that this is your character. Although it has a some problem to use, I love it because I sometimes can use this phone as topic when I met someone who I do not know.



Pen is important to me as I am a illustrator. I have been used a kind of pens but most pen has too big thick line or thin line. However, the pen is really suitable to use. So I always need the pen.



This is couple watch to celebrate our marry. It is a long time since purchase but I still use it.

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About my glasses

After finishing the tutorial, we got a advice that our team need a more specific idea. So we  think that our favorite item can explain our thought that is related in relationship.

To express about our favorite items, I chose my glasses because it had been lived with me for a long time and it has a personal story.

- – -

My glasses


01.It has a story

Now, my glasses are first time of my life. I always needed glasses but I do not want to buy any glasses. This is because most of glasses are not matched with me. Someday, I saw the glasses and bought it right away. Although it is a little expensive, I would like to buy it as I took my fancy. After that I am always wearing the glasses. Some friends said that it is really matched. Therefore I am satisfied by the glasses.

02.It has suitable

My glasses provide some kinds of advantage to me. As the shape is rounding, it can feel comfortable and positive. For example, If I take off my glasses, my face seems aggressive regardless of expression. To make up for my weak points, the glasses is good for me. If I get a opportunity to buy other glasses, I would choose it again.

03.It is important

Although I wear the glasses at all time whenever I am eating, watching and walking, I am never fed up it. This is because the glasses always need and signify for me to make my life.


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Find a common point of two groups

After combining group 6 and 7, we discussed about each group’s manifest to develop and find more specific idea that ‘what is design’. So, I organized about our two group’s manifesto to find a common thought.


1.Smile and Sympathize

2.Easy to use

3.Make a new one

4.Participation in the process



-Designer are in a constant flowing relationship with their audience.

1.Designers have to interest in social issue

2.Designers have to give sense of closeness to audience.

3.Designers have to help people to provide what they want.

4.Design is joy and life.

- – -

<Common Keywords>

Smile, Sympathy, Easy to use, Creation, Participation, Relationship, Social issue, Sense of closeness, help, joy


01.Smile=joy=Easy to use (Laugh, Smile, Children..)

02.Sympathy=Relationship=Participation=Social issue=Help (Phone, Letter, talk, conversation, dialogue, speech bubble, Language, Mike&Headphones..)

03.Creation (New, Discovery, Origination..)

<Rough Concept>

-To make Creativity one, design need to be interesting and communicating with user.

01.newly interesting communication. ex)table tennis

02.Design is process of finding smile, sympathy and new. ex)maze

Group E1375826_766527263360938_364764593_n


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