Think about the hashtag

These are hashtags what I think for our exhibition. I use Statigram to prove if the hashtag is used. Mix the similar structure words with cake, or combine the word “cake’ with other words to create a new meaning, such as cakgraphy. The list is what I think about the special hashtag.

  1. the_piece_of_cake
  2. RIPiece_of_cake
  3. cakture
  4. make_miscakes
  5. cak_butter_cream
  6. cakestagram_f
  7. cak_eureka
  8. holy_cake
  9. pussy_cak
  10. ladida_cake
  11. cacaca_cake
  12. trigger!cake
  13. ca!ke
  14. cake_a_photo
  15. cakgraphy
  16. cakhibition
  17. caky_shots
  18. caky_gallery
  19. kake_gallery
  20. knife_cake_fork
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A piece of code ;)

I’d like to suggest this very simple way of putting together an auto-updated website for the display of our cake pictures. Instead of writing the code ourselves, we can make use of these two services: 1. This site let’s you continuously refresh any website of your choice. Simply copy/paste the link of the target website into the provided form and set the interval.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-11-03 um 09.27.25


and 2. This is an instagram feed reader. It basically let’s you search for a hashtag or user and displays all photographs in a gallery layout. This is my favorite one at the moment,  any other instagram feed reader would work too.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-11-03 um 09.29.29


Now, the only thing left to do would be to come up with a clever #hashtag :)

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Top 100 Hot Hashtags on Instagram




In order to create an own hashtag for the exhibition, it should be avoided from those words. The reason is that for collecting pictures from audiences, this hashtag must not be found easily, but it should still be interesting. The hashtag must be special for the exhibition.

The most hashtag is “Love”, and the last one is instapic (11/2). Some of the hashtags are interesting because those are combined with “insta-” or “-gram”. For example, instagood, instadaily, webstagram, or tweegram.

According to this TOP 100, avoiding “insta-”, “-gram”, “love”, “life” or other simple words on the rank could be one way to create the special hashtag. After creating a special hashtag, it should be test if it is still used by lots of people on Instagram.

Website: HOT TAGS & INSTAGRAMERS | Webstagram


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tips for taking food photos

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interesting !!!!
Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 12.04.24 Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 12.04.31 Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 12.04.38

Instagram has been extremely popular as more and more people are signing up to the photo-sharing social media service to show off not only their photos, but videos, too. Instagram’s filters can certainly turn a normal photo into a piece of art, although London’s Bruno Ribeiro decided to take the concept of the service’s filter and implement them all over his fair city. Real Life Instagram is the name of Ribeiro’s project, which simply puts up pieces of paper that looks like it was taken straight out of an Instagram feed, complete with username, profile photo, location and even how many “Likes” it received as well as hashtags. Ribeiro looks like he cuts out a square out from the piece of paper and simply inserts a colored piece of transparent plastic sheet in the hole, making the Real Life Instagram image. The idea seems pretty neat, especially how much better some of the Real Life Instagram images make the original subject look. We’re not sure what Ribeiro uses in order to judge just how many likes an photo will receive as some seem kind of low with only 40 likes, while others have over 600 likes. We have a feeling he might have inflated some of the likes he’s received for some of his images.

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Instagramming Your Food May Make It Taste Better, Study Suggests

Please copy my post links into your browser for viewing.

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Food photography research.

I found this article also, which actually breaks down social media photography into percentages and then continues to then look at food photography.  We can see that cakes/sweets are the most photographed.  I like the addition of the graphic symbols they have used in order to visualise their research. Maybe this is something we can think about further.

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Interesting Article on the obsession with photographing food.

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CAKE!!! But what does it taste like?…

All of the cakes in my previous post were baked by my friend who is a cake maker.  A massively important part of her business is getting the ‘cake photography’ right as it is fundamental in attracting the viewer to participate in the desire for her offerings.  No one viewing her portfolio will actually know what the cake tastes like (although I can personally vouch that all I have tried taste amazing)  It comes back to the questions we raised about what does appearance matter if the product is disappointing and also questions around the new trend in photographing food (and such like) to visually attract attention.

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