Think about the hashtag

These are hashtags what I think for our exhibition. I use Statigram to prove if the hashtag is used. Mix the similar structure words with cake, or combine the word “cake’ with other words to create a new meaning, such as cakgraphy. The list is what I think about the special hashtag.

  1. the_piece_of_cake
  2. RIPiece_of_cake
  3. cakture
  4. make_miscakes
  5. cak_butter_cream
  6. cakestagram_f
  7. cak_eureka
  8. holy_cake
  9. pussy_cak
  10. ladida_cake
  11. cacaca_cake
  12. trigger!cake
  13. ca!ke
  14. cake_a_photo
  15. cakgraphy
  16. cakhibition
  17. caky_shots
  18. caky_gallery
  19. kake_gallery
  20. knife_cake_fork
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