Planning – Who’s watching our exhibit when

Hey guys,

Just to make sure everybody knows when he is in charged of our exhibit I’m writing the planning here:

Today: Linsey in the morning/Charlotte in the afternoon

Friday: Sun Young in the morning/Fran, Jessie and Rosie in the afternoon.

NB: the afternoon people have to give the projector to the guy at the reception before he leaves at 5:30pm, put the iMac back in TK202, and keep the iPad with you to charge it during the night (Rosie, Jessie and Fran you need to speak with Amy to know what to do with her iPad on Friday evening). The morning people should put everything back at 9am (the iMac login details are “guest” and then “guest” again for the password and the application mockup is in iPhoto; open iPhoto, go to “Facial Attraction” album and click on “slide show” at the bottom of the page).

Thanks to all of you ! See you soon !


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What time should we meet on Wednesday?

Did we mention it last time?

How about 10.30?

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its really interesting :)

i will upload to the dropbox, i cant save as other files, cos its my laptop disk is full and has a bit problem of my laptop.

By Rosie

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Hello, I have got loads of faces to show you guys but they don’t seem to want to load on here, I think its my internet :/, But I will show you them all tomorrow.
All the ones uploaded look great!

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Here are the faces I collected.
My friends really like this activity~haha

1_01   4_MAX 5_Tsai 6_Tsai 7_Tommy 8_Tommy 9_Hiromi 10_Shenn 11_01 12_01 13_MAX 14_01

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what will be the exhibition look like


the computer(iPad) will be hide under the table, the card will be illustrated our idea!


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Faces Jessie & Fran

The link of our psd.file is as following:

we will try to add some new files.


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100 word summary of Exhibit

The exhibit show’s design’s power of attraction. Shown are a selection of faces created by individuals using the online application ‘Facial Attraction’. The platform of this application gave participants the freedom to design a face using a series of objects, facial features, shapes and patterns in what ever style and layout they desired. Design is subjective to the individual, this application allowed people to express their personal interpretation.
The results of this process are shown.

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Application Mockup

Hey guys !

Thank you for all sharing your new faces !

Here is the final mockup of the app. Tell me if you like it.


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the dropbox problem has be solved~
this is the link
and if u still cannot see the object, please give me ur email~

Now the folder its for sharing~

Please try!

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