Planning – Who’s watching our exhibit when

Hey guys,

Just to make sure everybody knows when he is in charged of our exhibit I’m writing the planning here:

Today: Linsey in the morning/Charlotte in the afternoon

Friday: Sun Young in the morning/Fran, Jessie and Rosie in the afternoon.

NB: the afternoon people have to give the projector to the guy at the reception before he leaves at 5:30pm, put the iMac back in TK202, and keep the iPad with you to charge it during the night (Rosie, Jessie and Fran you need to speak with Amy to know what to do with her iPad on Friday evening). The morning people should put everything back at 9am (the iMac login details are “guest” and then “guest” again for the password and the application mockup is in iPhoto; open iPhoto, go to “Facial Attraction” album and click on “slide show” at the bottom of the page).

Thanks to all of you ! See you soon !


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  1. Profile photo of Amy Muddle Amy Muddle says:

    Thanks for sorting everyone. We have to take it down by 4pm on friday, so if you take it down by 3:45, you can take the projector straight back the moving image on level 1. Can you leave my Ipad with one of the tutors please so they can lock in their office? I’ll collect it Wed next week when I am in.


  2. Amy, talk to Charlotte because she said she would keep your iPad at the end of the exhibition to give it back to you the following week !

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