Hi guys~ should we discuss on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning before the class?
We still have the tutorial on Tuesday, don’t we?

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Some thought

Here are some thought of Tangram~

1.基本 RGB

Except providing stamps, maybe we also assemble our key words by tangram blocks which seems like our exhibition piece. I think just “stamps” couldn’t be our exhibition piece because it’s not enough.


2.螢幕快照 2013-11-23 下午4.59.55

Or we can transfer some people’s patterns to be the posters like a picture or story.



We can make the geometrical table that our audiences can stamp easier.

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Alli Beddoes Tangram piece example


by Alli Beddoes

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feedbacks on our presentation – nice to read !

Group K

A very well structured presentation. A pleasure to watch. The outcome was
just not strong enough to be considered an exhibition piece. My personal
feelings are that as a group of ambitious creative individuals you are capable
of far better. You need to resolve this quickly to get back on track. Time is
tight and you need to work fast.
I suggested you look at Type is Art not as anything other than a reference to
see how a set of “stamps” could be more engaging than one word pressed
onto paper. It might inspire you to look for a similar avenue to explore.
However the key is the reaction to imagery from the audience – that is
something people stop and look at. Again, bear that in mind. Perhaps the mages are created online in advance by participants and hung over the
private view – again just a thought.

You were also asked to post a 100-word summary of your design outcome
and its rationale on your blog by Monday 18/11 at 12pm (midday).
I visited your blog and the entry on the 12th was thoughtful, clear and concise.
In fact I found your entire blog to make interesting reading.

Well done. Keep at it.

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Examples of Tangrams


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New Ideas

Hi all,

I have to admit, I was rather deflated after yesterday presentation. I have been thinking a lot about it and although they gave us an idea to say look at Type as art, I just don’t think there is any milage in our concept anymore. I think that we shouldn’t be afraid of thinking of new ideas, so long as its simple and doesn’t involve any making etc.

Perhaps we can all think, and post ideas on here this week. If we could ALL do this, it would really help as 8 ideas are much better than a few.

Look back at our manifestos for inspiration, but maybe just think about ‘What is Design’ in it’s simplest term.

I spoke to Sinead yesterday, and got the impression that a new idea would be welcomed.

Hope to speak later this week


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Tangram Idea





- squares = functional

- big triangle = ethical

- small triangle = sustainable

- rectangle = brave


And we can invent new forms !

And using this method enables us to use more words than 8 as well

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An idea

Ignore the quality of the drawing and image. It my be quite hard to understand, It will probably need alot of explaining. But an idea is to have an image or somesort of art work on the wall, and we could take sections and lines from it to use as the stamps. So the stamps will be incorporated within the image.
The user could then take these stamps and create a picture.
Its not fully thought through. Does anyone get what I am trying to explain?


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Presentation feedback

From the presentation, What I got from it was that they liked our thinking behind our idea, we just need a way to bring it forward and make it more eye catching and intriguing, something that will entice the viewer!

I still think having some that the audience takes part in is a good idea, allowing them to create their artwork.

I had a look on the website they gave us


And they are right. Its a simular idea to ours but what the audience gets out of it is alot more interesting, and not just words on a piece of paper.

Ive been thinking and researching of ideas that we can expand on, Its a bit all over the place but the following images are just random pieces that I have found and got me thinking.

Maybe we need something on the wall that is eyecatching, like a huge photo/image/art.
Maybe the stamps could come out of the image?
The stamps dont have to be words, they could be a series of shapes, text, objects that represent things?
Amy mentioned about magnets?
Puzzle aspect?
those slidy game things that you rearrange to create a different image (I dont know what they are called)

These are just ideas that are coming to my head, So they may be no use, but its starting point..

.aivd-puzzle PUZZLE_PROJECT Unknown-1

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Final Presentation

Group K presentation_V3

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