Subjective design

Hi everybody,

In response to the last discussion we had about the new topic here come few questions that will help us to come up with the final outcome.  Dealing with subjective design means thinking about how the product is meant to be perceived, used, appreciated or refused , therefore it involves several characteristics: appeal, function context for example.

Ethimology Tip: pertaining to the subject/ meaning existing in the mind (mind as a thinking object). 

In fact we can say that everybody simply projects his own meaning on the object.


1. How can we measure subjectivity?

2. Why is important to think about subjectivity?

3. What is subjective about design?

4. What makes design subjective?

5.When is design subjective/or not?

6. How is it subjective?

7. How do you measure different degree of subjectivity?

8. What do you look for in a project?

9. Where can we find most remarkable examples of that?

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team work 4.11


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‘Capturing an idea’

Im posting these light bulbs to explain myself a little better. I was thinking about the idea of ‘capturing an idea’. However coming to think of it, it could be metaphoric…lightbulbs and ideas. Yet I still find that some of these are quite visually effective.

Also, I will try to find the rubber band ball idea that I was talking about that could be our ‘globe manifesto’ and post it later on.

I think an installation could be just as strong as the game. (these could possibly be merged with the tree idea? possibly. And, not to confuse our path, but just to note, the last lightbulb… it’s got the sand! recipe anyone? – just kidding)






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‘Tree of Design’

Regarding the ‘Tree of Design’ idea that we discussed this afternoon (that is inspired from Polina’s Cypriot cultural experiences) I thought it would be an interesting idea if we got to take a stop motion movie of the tree being built… or……….when I thought about it a little more, I thought what if we prepare the tree with the leaves all on it, then the participants can come up to the tree and take one leaf with them, the one that is most prominent to them. This will account for the memorabilia factor and it would also make a good stop motion film. Very excited about this idea! The leaves can even have special secret notes on them…. now I’m thinking about the tree from Pocahontas…the tree of wisdom? I’m going to look it up right now and post it…in the mean time; I’m posting the stop motion of 2 trees. We can talk more about this in the morning.

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Snakes and Ladders Concept (notes)

Hello everybody!

Attached is the sample that we discussed during our meetings.

Just to explain: This represents one section of the board game that will eventually be in the shape of a shallow box with little ‘doors’ that one could open to peek inside. The gamer will move through the game according to their selection of “what design is”.

The highlighted boxes indicate the ‘doors’ which will have 2 options for the gamer. (And this will automatically indicate a starting point)The gamer will choose one of the options and according to their choice they will go down a snake or a ladder to the next door.

The game intentionally questions design principles / ideas. It is intended that the player does not always get it right, as this is the way it happens in the world of design. Sometimes getting it wrong in one place might get you to an even better end result.

One can see this more clearly from our prototype which will be posted shortly.

(sorry for the snake drawings :/ )img037

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First Board Sketches

large board sketch 1

large board sketch 1

large board sketch 2

large board sketch 2

large board sketch 3

large board sketch 3

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Second Board Sketch

second board 1

second board 1

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I was thinking we use something like this for memorabilia for the snakes and ladders path.

I was thinking we use something like this for memorabilia for the snakes and ladders path.

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