Snakes and Ladders Concept (notes)

Hello everybody!

Attached is the sample that we discussed during our meetings.

Just to explain: This represents one section of the board game that will eventually be in the shape of a shallow box with little ‘doors’ that one could open to peek inside. The gamer will move through the game according to their selection of “what design is”.

The highlighted boxes indicate the ‘doors’ which will have 2 options for the gamer. (And this will automatically indicate a starting point)The gamer will choose one of the options and according to their choice they will go down a snake or a ladder to the next door.

The game intentionally questions design principles / ideas. It is intended that the player does not always get it right, as this is the way it happens in the world of design. Sometimes getting it wrong in one place might get you to an even better end result.

One can see this more clearly from our prototype which will be posted shortly.

(sorry for the snake drawings :/ )img037

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