Writing Manifestos

Last week, while working as a group on our design manifestos, we all decided to write individual ones as a starting point to work from. Here is my one:

A Manifesto for Designing

• Design is a tool.
• Design often seek to free itself from the class that governs and profits from it.
• Design should constantly questions its value.

• A good designer must learn to distinguish between design and expression.
• A good designer must learn to distinguish between style and fashion.
• A good designer must be educated.

• Designers must not fear mistakes.
• They must learn from their mistakes.
• They must learn from the mistakes of others.

• Designers must not fear humbleness, honesty and beauty.
• They must not see barriers between disciplines.
• They must aim to embrace co-operation wherever possible.

• Designers must stay true to their morals.
• And they must question their morals.
• They must allow design to sculpt the future.

I also wanted to write a manifesto inspired by the brief. To me, I understand the manifesto is about questioning our aims as designers, but it’s also to be used as a starting point for our collaboration. I felt it would be interesting to take the brief (itself a list of aims), and turn it into a manifesto.

A Manifesto for Designing

We, the designers, aim to find problems and solve problems. We are critical and analytical. We know that good design demands thinking, making and reflection. We aspire to find greatness in collaboration and know that that all groups work best when they work together. We shall each take an active role in our group; learning together and teaching one another. We shall designate, negotiate and compromise. We shall question design.

On Friday we met up and discussed these points and have since written the first draft of our manifesto as a group.

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