Memorial Drawing & QR code



I drew these two pictures for the shrine, one is white and another one is black.

Below is the cover of the sign book which is for people to write down their words for landline telephone. I prepare an A5 size landscape form book as sign book.



Last but not least, this is our QR code which is for people taking photos to memorize landline telephone. This link will have a visual summery of photos if people hashtag #futureobsolete.






this QR code links to:



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memorial cards

列印 列印


Memorial cards in four languages.

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Some interesting ad posters

There are some ad posters I found from this website (

ad_bell-serves-1940_big ad_bell-30-1936_bigad_bell-jim-1936_bigad_bell-wire-1934_bigad_we-forme-1954_bigad_gt-givecolor-1957_bigad_we-friend-left_bigad_we-lights-1955_bigad_bell-missyou-unknown_bigad_we-together-1965_big

These ads are about the selling vintage telephone(landline). And I’ll print them as post cards for the exhibition.



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I got one more, in Polish (we don’t really have any funeral cards, so that’s the closest thing). I also did fronts to the other cards I’ve poster before.


3telephone1 3telephone

1telephone1 1telephone


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Here’s something I prepared earlier…

Items dummied up and ready for Wednesday

.exhibition pieces

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Hello guys, I made some photo collages and some polaroid photos.



collage-a5-2 111129 bell system phone-pola Telephone_operators,_1952-pola telephone-box-3-pola01images (1)-pola k-bigpic-pola01


Kids on the Phone With Santa, 1947 (3)-pola

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In Memoriam: the Future Obsolete – A Shrine to the Landline Telephone (Revised Summary)

Design is the past, the present and the future and is integrated into everything that surrounds us. In our lifetime we have experienced once familiar objects become obsolete, rendered replaceable by technological advances. As an opportunity to consider the creation of a visual narrative that explores the provenance of the ‘future obsolete’, we have selected the iconic landline telephone as a much-loved, significant object destined to become a thing of the past.
Inspired by celebrity shrines, we propose to create a memorial to an icon that captures moments in history, its portrayal in popular culture and personal statements on its significance in everyday life.
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Some interesting finds that I will print

(thinking of printing this as a newspaper article itself. and several more that i have found)

I’ve worked on a few more rough sketches and also some pop art kind of stuff that I’ve been working on just to add some colour (the first 4 images.)

SAM_1730 SAM_1731 SAM_1732



648px-Telefon_Hirmondo_-_Stentor_reading_the_day's_news 1916.jan21.darling.personal clipping.apr15 clipping.oct10 HSboy middleport-ny-phone switchboard Telelphone_herald_listeners telenew2 telenew3 TelephoneGal the-switchboard-of-the-national-telephone-company-united-kingdom Training2 WLW-ALongDistancetoWolfeIsland_F233-Wolfe Island operators 1960-8x6


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Hello all,

I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, but I came home very late and I thought it will be better to post more things than making separate posts.

I did four cards and also I found pictures we could use from the archives. I also found the pink-up girls images with the telephone (I like how the dog picture is similar in pose to the pin-up girl above). I think it could be an interesting twist to add some humor. I also got two wooden frames we can use. And I got some home catalogs and cut out small ads for telephones. Here is what I’ve got.

3telephone     1telephone

2telephone     4telephone

Gil_Elvgren   Earl_Moran

Bill_Randall   Arthur_Saron_Sarnoff

RG_in_Kindergarden824   SHORPY_04050u



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memorial cards




These are the memorial cards which I designed them last night!!

I will try to do the Japanese one but it’s a little bit similar to Chinese.



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