Diary: Week 5

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Getting into the swing of things…

How did it go?

Tuesday went well. The group I am in seem to work well together and Sinead seemed happy with our manifesto. We me on Saturday morning and finished writing it.

Thursday went well too. I had my first group tutorial with Dick Whitbread. I’m happy with the work I made but I’m unsure where to take it next. It’s been interesting showing work to different tutors as each one has a different view and opinion on the type of work we should be making. I thought it was interesting to chat with Dick about our separate understandings of a circle. Instinctively I’ve been presenting my circle as an outline, but Dick imagines a circle as a solid. Perhaps I might explore this relationship a little further in the coming week.

How is the current project going / how did it go?

The Design Manifesto work is good and the circle project has been going well (after a late night’s work on Wednesday). I feel I’m at that point with the circle project where I’m unsure of where to take it next, so hopefully I can figure things out in the coming days.

Learning anything particularly interesting?

I attended a class-rep training course which I must admit was fairly dull. I’m still happy to do the job, but hopefully it won’t require too much bureaucracy.

Currently Reading

Mainly web articles. This piece by Neil Gaiman on why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming is particularly inspiring and worth reading.

Currently Listening

‘Remembering You’ by I Am The Cosmos

Looking forward to next week?

I’m nervous about loosing direction on the circle project, so I’ll have to wait and see how things go.

Additional comments?

The college’s library continues to be great. I currently borrowed the Danish TV show Borgen, which is fantastic!

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