Il Sung Na (나일성) – A children’s book illustrater


He has created children’s books a lot such as ‘Hide and seek’, ZZzzz, Brrr etc.
He advertised ‘Haggis’ company which is baby’s a diaper brand.

Especailly ‘Hide and Seek’ has been nominated for
the Nottingham Children’s Book Award 2012, and also ‘ZZzzz’ has been nominated.

His works are all relate with young generation, those books are good to read.
Because illustrations are soft, colourful and the animal’s shapes designed a bit iconic.
It means that his illustrations influens to cultivate children’s emotion, creativity in positive way. Add I like it as well:)

By the way, He graduated from Kingston University and finished at Illustration & Animation course. He is an senior of us:)

If you want to know more..Go to his homepage –

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