Some pictures

The pictures I took during the process I’ve chosen to print)

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Another Exhibition Pictures

Lovely our groupB members:)

Here is pictures that I took during exhibition days. I think that we had a good job.





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Exhibition pictures

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Our manifesto translations

This is the copy of our draft manifesto translations and the final revised text.

Живой манифест

1. Мы страстно относимся к дизайну, провоцирующему споры, в том случае, когда это ведет к конструктивному обсуждению, а не является шокирующим только ради привлечения внимания.

2. Мы страстно относимся к дизайну, выпадающему из контекста; когда он заставляет нас взглянуть на вещи с иной точки зрения, но не
когда это неуместно.

3. Мы страстно относимся к имитации в дизайне; когда он вдохновляется природными или созданными людьми формами, но не крнла он дискредитирует форму, например, бессодержательным повторением.

4. Мы стратсно относимся к любительскому дизайну; когда он является продуктом увлечения и любви к предмету, но не когда он не гарноничен и создается бесцельно.

5. Мы страстно относимся к элементу узнаваемости в дизайне; когда он отвечает человеческим потребностям и интуитивно понятен, но не когда мы хотим быть удивлены.

6. Мы страстно относимся к дизайну, таящему в себе скрытые сюрпризы, когда они повышают ценность объекта, но не когда эти сюрпризы оказываются неприятными.

7. Мы страстно относимся к дизайну, основанному на предположениях, когда он отвечает человеческим потребностям и становится индивидуальным, но не когда он предполагает чрезмерного наличия знаний и навыков.

8. Мы страстно относимся к простому дизайну, освобожденномуот всех ненужных элементов, но не до такой степени, чтобы сделать его непонятным.

9. Мы страстно относимся к дизайну, нарушающему правила, осознаем мы их или нет.

10. Мы страстно относимся к дизайну, который не является решением опреледенной задачи.

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Exhibition Text

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I’d like to think as we refined our exhibition from that of an installation, recreating the scene with real objects as close to the originals as possible, to the idea of being slightly subversive and using our own objects replicating those in the images, through to a juxtaposed set-up involving both real objects and a two-dimensional image, we were in fact taking away all unnecessary elements and drawing closer to a completely stripped back installation. We were confident the idea was ready only when there was ‘nothing left to take away’.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“Simplify, then add lightness.”

— Colin Chapman

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Witness Statement Forms

I have made some A5 Witness Statement Forms for the witness tray (the first image). These are to be printed and bound some how and are to sit in the tray on the plinth, or maybe loose inside a poly wallet? We should fill some in to start the ball rolling… The other two images are where I have taken my references from.



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Archiving our research

As Sophie said maybe we should separate our individual research into our final big “Police” file. I like the idea so I did a draft about it, even if we have to talk about all infos we should write into it.


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A visual crime scene timeline

While writing down my personal timeline of events, as always my mind run after images and find more easy to visualise things than describing them with words. I don’t know if this is a kind of distinction proper of Illustrators, but It’s always been like this for me.
So I found more interesting sketching some scenes about my personal assumptions of our crime scene; about our ” Sturday 17th” behind the scene’s script.

• Storyboard



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Crime Scene Timeline

I tried to recollect all the thoughts and idea I had about our Crime scene, trying to keep in mind all of my reaction and feelings once I faced that scene and all the evidences we recollect from that place.
The main idea goes naturally around Possessions and the meanings of What all these objects we own mean for us ( even or mainly when they are put in an Out of context scenario).
Do our feelings remain unchanged when a thing who’s familiar or extremely important to us is put outside of its/our natural environment.
The whole History well explain the key concept of Human Possesions and How human being make assumptions according on the the details everybody handle with.

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Things that humanly talk

This is something I wrote down when we were talking about our possessions and I  was going back and forward about if to publish it or not, since when u start thinking about Personal things and possession, everything turns to be so deep connected to who we are, our weakness and our strength.

December 2nd 2012.

“Things that humanly talk.”

It’s always hard to select, make a choice between all the things you own, and going through a further selection among  the already chosen one,  before moving to another place, another country.
Just few days ago, I heard somebody saying how usually people try to change their personality, try to be somebody else when they decide to move to another place with a different culture.
I also understood how this trying to deny your origin can be dangerous both for yourself and the people who usually interact with you.
This is so true.
And this is probably the reason why we always try to collect as much objects we can from our homes, in a desperate try to feel we the same person we used to be in our natural and every days environment.
The first time I started thinking about “how to make my luggage to London” I though ” well, it’s gonna be easy and light as all the other times I flew around the world”.
But It turned out it was not.
This time  I experienced how it feels when somebody ask you ” If u have to run out of the house which will be the first thing and the most important one you would save or simply take with you ignoring all the rest?”

So it began.

I prepared all my stuffs upon my bed. I put there everything i though I couldn’t live without in England. I alway thought I was a simple person. Well, I am, but I thought that the things that surrounded me and described the person I am would have been less than the one completely covered my bed.

It’s like you have to move your entire life, with all its emotions, feelings and history and you have only a small shopping bag.
It turns out that in my simplicity, I collected a lot of too important objects I could not renounce to.

My Barrier was the flight company restrictions about the weight of luggages.
So I started selecting, and then reselecting, moving, taking inside and afar taking out all my history, trying to find the best compromise within me and my real needs.

On one hand There was me, struggling with my past and on the other hand there was my future, probably without a lot of these things.

After 2 days of thoughts, I realized that maybe the balance and its inexorable pointer was right.

If we have enought space usually we are controlled by a strong raptus of recollecting objects, most of them usually are stuff we own just because we liked them in some point of our past.

But is this feeling permanent? Do we really feel the same emotions after an undefined range of time?

I still don’t have a clear answer to this question, but I now Know that many things that we strongly feel essential is just cause we simply got used to them.

Moving to England, I had to leave a part of me ( and already this sounds strange to me) in my house. Most of the thing that I really believed were talking about me, are still there.
So some could say ” why u didn’t  take them with you? “.
The answer is that the more u care about something, the more you want to be sure they are in a safe place, like home is.
So, The selection of things I brought with me, are an important part of me as well, but it’s not everything. It’s like a puzzle. You can only choose which part of the portrait you want to take with you, cause you need to see it everyday and you can easily imagine all the rest just using your imagination.
In this way I think I can reconstruct myself everyday.

It could be said that we all try to design this big puzzle called Life, and along the way we can only save some pieces, while trying to complete the picture within ourself.

I still miss something and of course somebody, but I now understood something that before wasn’t so clear to me.
I read this into one of my favorite book :

” you’re trapped in your lovely nest, and the things you used to own, now they own you ” ( fight club, chapter 5)

I now Know it’s true. Cause most of my possessions i thought so essential, I now understand how i can easily live even without. Of course, once back home, looking at them again, I will feel again entrapped; but maybe next time this will be different.
It’s so strange how our perception of the things we own can change according to the place we live. I now prepared even something I probably will take it back to Italy, cause I can manage even without.
And in the end, It turns out  that the only irreplaceable thing in my life are the thing who neither a pic can replace the same feeling. All these things is what can warm your heart.
Among all the rest I miss my cat as crazy and my friends.
There’s no social network who can replace the hug of your best friend, the breeze and the waves’ sound close to the sea you’ve been growing up or your cat’s purr.


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Exhibition and submission preparation

Just when you thought it was safe, I make another list! There are still some things that need doing before 14th January, if we each do a little, we’ll be done in no time.

  • Buy/obtain case file folder – as in Sophie’s images
  • Collect ALL work together, print anything that will add value to the file (individual contributions to group file)
  • Buy bull dog clips for chapter/section grouping
  • String? Something to bind the file together
  • Chapter pages for file (to mark individual contributions) – on grey board x8 A3 with sticker in the centre
  • Print final images for evidence bags
  • Manifesto x 4 languages, printed with any revisions too
  • Disc with manifesto videos on
  • Print love/hate lists
  • Print manifesto on table photos
  • Make witness sheets, print and bind, fill in one each
  • Tray for evidence bags (photography tray)
  • Get 2m x 2m poster printed and someone to apply it
  • Make the 2.5cm MDF step for the exhibition
  • Get a plinth, repaint white
  • Devise a holder for the book on the front
  • Work out angles for marking out poster space

Sophie and I completed and sent off the book for the exhibition and it should arrive very soon!

Wishing you all a fab break with family and friends!

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Police notepad

Here are some previews:

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