Making process


Here are some photos on this Monday :)

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Visual impression – Group L (4+16)

exhibition piece visualisation3

Words will be placed in the walls, joined through threads. We will also have a table with a light box and an additional box with the perspex slides that people can pick up and put on the light box to see the journeys individually.

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100 Words exhibition piece summary – Group L (4+16)

Every designer follows their own process when designing. We want to bring this diversity in design processes under the attention of designers. We ask of designers to critically reflect on their own process to inform their future designs, when working alone or collaborating.

The map shows 28 design processes from seven different design disciplines in the Design School. Four students from each discipline were asked to “design” one of four objects – and to show  the process they would follow.

We invite you to consider and compare these collected processes and use them to reflect on your own design process.

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Layouts and lines for perspex and walls

Some images from the layouts and lines (processes) without words as they would appear on the separate perspex sheets:

Visualistaion_Compilations_Lines incl Words Visualistaion_Compilations_Lines incl Words4 Visualisation_Separations_Lines incl Words28 Visualistaion_Separations_Lines16


Here’s a link to a dropbox folder with JPGs, pdfs, IDML, and INDD files for all the images (including separations and compilations of each process) and the possible layout for the wall.


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Working progress – light box

DSCF1219 DSCF1221 DSCF1224 DSCF1214 DSCF1212 DSCF1211

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Exhibition space and technical requirements for Group L

We would like to exhibit in the space on the attached image (currently Someone Else’s Girlfriend space). We need 3 meters along the wall (from the corner on the right towards the left of the image) by 2 meters from the wall forward.

No technical requirements, except one wall socket necessary for a light box.

2013-11-25 15.31.37


exhibition wall 1 DSCF1037

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Working Progress- slides case

DSCF1054 DSCF1062 DSCF1065 DSCF1071

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Experiment on perspex


Hello guys :D! Tania, Saskia and I will go to printmaking workshop tomorrow and then try some printmake on the perspex. But we’re afraid that it will take too long time, so I tried to use different way to present our process on the perspex.

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Final Colour for the string

image image image

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Grid layout for words

Below an image of the new layout for the words – more clustered according to category / words that fit together, and in a grid.

Also a quick jpg of how the one wall would look (didn’t have images of the other surfaces.


exhibition wall 1visualisation 3 grid layout

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