Experiment on perspex


Hello guys :D! Tania, Saskia and I will go to printmaking workshop tomorrow and then try some printmake on the perspex. But we’re afraid that it will take too long time, so I tried to use different way to present our process on the perspex.

IMGP0054One is that use the marker pen to draw the line. However, it’s a little bit difficult to illustrate the clear line because the material.

IMGP0055Also, I tried to use masking tapes and cut it to the slim size. Here are some outcome.



IMAG2591 IMAG2592 IMAG2609 IMAG2611


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3 Responses to Experiment on perspex

  1. Avatar of Saskia Baard Saskia Baard says:

    I quite like the tape… would the tape be available in the same colours as the embroidery thread we got?

  2. Nice try! The effect is also charming!
    Really looking forward to combine the perspex and the light box :)

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