Research in John Lewis

photo 3

I went to John Lewis in Kingston to seeing about if any material we can use in Exhibition.
From the feedback

This is a fundamental element of graphic design and since your
piece is words and string / wool / twine / whatever, it is paramount that you get
this right. This needs developing to resolve the last stages of the project.

Last Friday we come out this question.

- What kind of yarn / string / thread do we use? (wool might be too soft and end up looking like a craft shop?)

- What colour settings do we use (this is related to the second part of the exhibition, below). If we show the compilation of different processes, we need 4 colours.

I took some photos of price and

photo 4
photo 1
This string is strong and have many color selection. 10p/metre, 80p each
Strong recommend this one.
photo 3
photo 1
photo 2
photo 1photo 2photo 4

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  1. Avatar of Saskia Baard Saskia Baard says:

    Great, thanks Arthur! I agree, of the selection here the embroidery thread definitely looks like the best option.

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