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Course Programme

The course is continuous over two years. Each of the years is divided into two parallel and inter-connected strands of learning and teaching: Specialist studies and Core studies. The course is structured to allow you to develop into specialist areas within the subject or to remain broad in your interests. We cover areas such as, branding and identity, Typography, Advertising, Editorial, Moving image and Packaging design. We encourage you to develop a passion for problem solving, and believe ‘thinking’ skills are the lifeblood of good communication. Research and analysis, creative development and lateral thinking are at the core of our teaching programme and your student experience. Work-based learning and industrial experience are also integral elements of the course. Our Foundation Degree graduates gain employment nationally and internationally in the fields of graphic communication, advertising, interactive media, publishing and packaging.Some students choose to go on to further study; an opportunity to progress to the third year of the Kingston BA (Hons) Graphic Design course is available.

Field Content

The module guides describe the aims and objectives of each module, the criteria for assessment and the relationship with associated modules.

Level 4  (Year 1) modules introduce and allow you to develop a range of specialised skills that encourage you to adopt a flexible and exploratory approach to key areas of graphic communications and problem solving

MODULE GC 1001 Graphic Communications 1 Module leader Alex Brewster

This module develops the students understanding of two & three dimensional design principals and processes. It introduces the importance of research allowing the student to express ideas and their development visually and verbally. The fundamentals of typography, photography and related design software are also introduced.

MODULE GC 1002 Industrial experience/graphic communications group work Module leader Arnie Nisbet

This module establishes the studio as the professional working environment. It gives the student the opportunity to make a recognised contribution to collaborative work.

MODULE GC 1003 Portfolio Development/Year 1 show Module leader  Tim Pond

The portfolio development/year 1 show module supports students in the development of a graphic communications portfolio and end of year exhibition of work that demonstrates their individual creative ability appropriate to year 1.

MODULE GC 1004  Design in Context 1 Module leader Andy Cade

This core module introduces students to the history of graphic design throughout the 20th Century to date. The module is structured to present its study and understanding as an integral and complementary part of problem solving within studio practice.

MODULE GC 1005 Personal & Professional Practice 1 Module leader Annie Grant

This core module helps the student develop the ability to reflect on, record and learn from experience, through the production of a reflective journal. The module also provides the opportunity to apply learning gained on other modules

Level 5 (Year 2) modules allow you to develop the problem solving abilities you acquired in year 1 and extend your ideas and insights though practical application. You will learn to take the initiative for your personal development and plan an individual direction for your future. By the end of the year you will have created a highly individual, professional portfolio for career opportunities in the graphic communications industry or related areas.

MODULE GC 2001 Graphic Communications 2 Module leader Annie Grant

This module builds on skills developed in Level 4 GC 1001 giving students the opportunity to explore a wide range of media through open-ended projects. It also allows the student to continue to foster curiosity and open-minded attitudes while exploring a range of communication possibilities.

MODULE  GC 2002 Elective study Module leader Catherine Donaldson

The elective study module allows students to build confidence in establishing areas of individual creative exploration, in the form of self-initiated work that reflects their personal approach to communication design.

MODULE GC 2003 Portfolio Development/Degree show Module leader          Geoff Onyett

The portfolio development/degree show module supports students in the development of a professional communication design portfolio that reflects their individual study and design endeavor throughout year 2. The degree show gives students the opportunity to exhibit a body of creative work which reflects their highest achievements.

MODULE GC 2004 Design in Context 2 Module leader Andy Cade

This core module builds on the knowledge gained in Level 4 GC 1004 helping students develop confidence in their study and understanding of the history graphic design as an integral and complementary part of problem solving in their studio practice.

MODULE GC2005 Personal and Professional Practice 2 Module leader Annie Grant

This core module builds on the skills developed in Level 4 Personal Professional Practice 1 (GC1 1005), helping students build confidence in planning a future career, allowing them to develop the ability to reflect on, record and learn from experience. The module provides the opportunity to apply learning gained on other modules.




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