There are only 10 days left and we will have a presentation
so maybe we need a plan to speed on our progress~

Here is the plan before our presentation, we can arrange the time that we can meet each other, cos its not easy for everybody usually meet together, so if we each do our share, we can get this thing done in half the time.

Please discuss the arrangement of the time below
and we can make sure the time that we will have a appointment!
(doesn’t matter if one or two people absent, we still have a meeting)


12 – 10:00 am meeting & discussion
Afternoon- Library
1. To accomplish the motif and the inside of this project
2. To divide the job for everyone
3. start to work on it


14 – (meeting & discussion)
1. accomplish all of our works and share to the group

15 – 10:00-12:00 or 1:00-3:00pm English course (for the student whose from international)
(meeting & discussion)
1. how to present


18 – Presentation rehearsal

19 – Presentation

p.s I will edit this schedule after we make sure the time and date!

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9 Responses to Schedule

  1. We re all meeting in Tuesday. Usual time in the morning. And we have also booked a room in the library in the after noon :)

  2. Profile photo of Hsin-Jou Yen Hsin-Jou Yen says:

    i think we still need to have a chat room online, although we dont have many chance to discuss. cos that will be more convenient!

  3. Profile photo of Hsin-Jou Yen Hsin-Jou Yen says:

    ok ! thats great!
    cos i just want to have a meeting asap:)

  4. we will meet at 10 am on tuesday,, isn’t it?

  5. Profile photo of Hsin-Jou Yen Hsin-Jou Yen says:

    ok i will change the time! cos im also not sure about it~

  6. Profile photo of Amy Muddle Amy Muddle says:

    Hello everyone.. How the weeks fly by. So we are meeting tomorrow at 10:00 and we can just get cracking with this project, make some decisions and prepare for the presentation…

    I’ve got some time today to have a think about things, but will have more time after wed, as I have to prepare to teach a 2 hour session on wednesday morning! eeek!

  7. Hi girls !
    As I told you last time I had to go away this week so I just wanted to know at what time we could skype tomorrow so that I can take part of the conversation ;)
    My username on Skype is: angeliquejordan
    See you tomorrow !

    • Profile photo of Amy Muddle Amy Muddle says:

      Hi Angelique,

      I think we are meeting up from 10 in the morning, so depends when you are free really? Let me know and we can skype you in. My username is amymuddle add me and I can keep in touch with you tomorrow! Hope you got back safely!

  8. I’m on skype right now and have added you Amy ;)

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