Type – with ‘fill in blanks’ research

So talking last week about maybe providing the people at the exhibition with paper with messages on so that it forces them to stamp the words in a particular order, I’ve been doing a little bit of research into some examples of this idea.

I’m going to have a think about this, and maybe test it out on a few people in uni tomorrow.

Valentine-HungryWorkshop Valentine-HungryWorkshop-2 message,typography,quotes,sign,of,love,agree,words-a3e1e0d73c913f1ea61a88b35eeff8e1_h_large FillInTheBlankThumb__22875.1375470294.1280.1280 FIB_04 8e6497c4cc86ce57faf27095fb71150d 8cff326a11461f843bf667de965c6d76 3-free-printable-post-it-template

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