Experiment idea 1


Hi All!
I am going to start a little research, and try out one of our ideas, I have composed this, I will go around and ask people to fill it in and see how it goes, This is just one of the ideas we were thinking. so maybe if we try them all we can see which one works best. Please ignore the ‘look’ of it. Its just a general format for the idea but we can change the look, addd colour, different fonts blahs blahh blahhh… :)

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Typographic approach – selected words

Here are the words that we have just been discussing to move forward with this stamp concept..

  1. Simple
  2. Attractive
  3. Brave
  4. Innovative
  5. Ethical
  6. Sustainable
  7. Functional
  8. Inspirational
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Some image and the idea of psychological test


There are some example and image of interactive design.


*This is today’s discussion at 4:30:

In my opinion, the event that we try to do is to interact with people. However, it is seems like just a survey. Therefore, it should be express more deeply and meaningful of this process for interact the audience. Thinking about what’s the next step of this process, how to let the audience know about each element of good design in our manifesto. There have some different ways we might can do for the next step:

1. souvenir (ex.take a photo, post card)

2. psychological test (combine the idea of the chain train)


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The reference site_ similar method to communicate with audience


If you click the link and then press ‘NEXT’ button on the top of page, you can see more images about the project.

I told some of group members about the website. The designer used the similar method to communicate with audience, however, the subject is more specific. Finally the designer made some poster for this project.

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Our project

After our fist meeting with David, we understood that we should:

Engage the people

Don’t focus on innovation too much

Think about how to make people aware of good design process

Present our findings through a conversation

Think about:

–       The audience

–       The space

–       The time we have left

Think about how to communicate our manifestos to our audience

Think about design as a process

Make people react; challenge them

The idea

We thought about creating a piece of design that would be in constant creation/destruction/evolution.

As posted by Charlotte earlier, it would allow the audience to build what they believe good design is, by assembling some words altogether.

The words the audience would assemble together would be, for example, “sustainable”, “functional”, “durable”, etc, (words picked from our manifestos), but also other aspects that we didn’t mention in our manifestos, including what we believe is negative design, to allow total freedom of though and opinion.

I think we should write at the top of our exhibition piece “Good design is…” and the people would assemble the words together below this sentence.

I have thought about different ways we could achieve this project and came with the following ideas:

1. If the project is exhibited on the floor:

We could cut words from wood (in the Wood Workshop), and let people assemble them altogether on the floor in a designed and delimited area, using as many words as they want.

We could take a picture of the result each time a person takes part in the project.

2. If the project is exhibited on a wall:

We could create homemade stamps, each stamp being one word, and let the people stamp each word on a big piece of white paper (such as A3), hung on the wall, where we would previously have printed “Good design is…” at the top.

There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that explain how to make homemade stamps from foam and it doesn’t seem to be very complicated.

This idea makes it possible for the audience to take home their “Good Design Poster”.

We can also take a picture of each poster created, to keep a record of it, with an instant camera such as a Polaroid.

Check the outline I’ve made to have a better idea of what I mean!


Tell me what you think!



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Idea – Design meal

I just follow the similar concept we had last Tuesday.

I remember I’m attracted by something “moving” when visiting exhibitions.

There is a sushi restaurant that clients can take the dishes what they want to eat without order via waiters.


So, we can serve various factors of good design with dishes such as vegetable symbolizing sustainable…

And people can choose dishes they want to make their own “good design meal”.  After that, we also can help them to take a picture.

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NEW Idea

Okay following the tutorial, I think we all agreed that the main thing we wanted to focus on was engaging the audience, and finding away to ‘show’ them was ‘good’ design is.

Maybe an idea of allowing the audience to build what they believe is design. using building blocks that we supply. The blocks could have all the aspects of design on e.g. function, look, colour, personality etc…..
Like Lego!

The audience could then create what they believe is good design out of ‘lego’ take a photo and pin it on the wall behind. We can supply a polaroid camera.

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Hey guys!

I gathered all our manifestoes and picked up these 3 that we both mentioned. Find some references related and can be developed.





Durable.Emotional.Be brave

Building Strong Relationship



A-Joint Table by Henry Wilson

for Very Good &Proper


 Untitled 2

Honey-pop Chair


Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.16.21

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Design ideas – very early stages

So from doing a lot of reading and research yesterday, I think we need to decide on what subject we want to critically represent.

Here are a few thoughts

  • Horse meat scandal
  • Sweat shops (third world working conditions)
  • Phone hacking (big brother is always watching you kind of thing)

Charlotte, I really liked your ideas that you suggested yesterday, however now I understand the concept behind critical design, I’m not sure they are answering the brief’

I thought we could have an expensive looking garment on a mannequin. from a first glance it will look like a normal piece of clothing, however on closer inspection (perhaps we have the jacket pinned so you see the lining) the lining of the fabric could be images printed onto lining fabric of children working on sweat shops in order to produce these high priced garments. Just a thought anyway.

Anyway, skype me into the tutorial with Paul if you can.







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What is a critical theory? This really helped me to get to grips with this topic.. have a read!

I spent the day yesterday looking into what I thought a critical design was. I came across a book on google books called ‘The Idea of a Critical Theory: Habermas and the Frankfurt School.’

I read in it, a line which for me the penny finally dropped, so I thought that I would share it.

Critical theory quote

It says ‘a critical theory is itself always a part of the object-domain which it describes; critical theories are always in part about themselves’ 

For me, it means that the subject or topic that we are trying to capture needs to be present. So take the below  image as an example, the subject matter is tumours, which is evident as soon as you look at the image. It is obvious and I think that is what our design piece needs to be.


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