“Good design is…” Tumblr created

Hey girls !

Just to tell you that I managed to create the Tumblr and that any photo posted on Instagram with the hashtag #gooddesinis will be redirected there ;)

I’ve tested it with one photo and it takes a bit of time (around 5 min) to appear on the tumblr but it works ;)

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Stamps – Typography



Here are the words I’ve done so far !

Tell me what you think !

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100 word summary of design outcome

Design is subjective, there is no right or wrong answer, and open to interpretation. The aim of this project is to engage with the audience with an interactive station. We will create bespoke typographic stamps and ask people to select and words (stamps) that in their opinion responds to the statement ‘good design is…’ The A5 artwork produced will then be displayed on the wall for others to see. A ‘hashtag’ will also be provided to enable people to upload photos to a specific page allowing us to capture the findings, and for them to discover different beliefs within design.

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New Way

IMG_6656 IMG_6654


When I went to National Museum of Scotland, there are some thing we can copy the pattern. It’s a rough idea that perhaps we can provide the board with 26 letter and different colour pencils. It’s clean and people also can choose the word they want.

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Type – with ‘fill in blanks’ research

So talking last week about maybe providing the people at the exhibition with paper with messages on so that it forces them to stamp the words in a particular order, I’ve been doing a little bit of research into some examples of this idea.

I’m going to have a think about this, and maybe test it out on a few people in uni tomorrow.

Valentine-HungryWorkshop Valentine-HungryWorkshop-2 message,typography,quotes,sign,of,love,agree,words-a3e1e0d73c913f1ea61a88b35eeff8e1_h_large FillInTheBlankThumb__22875.1375470294.1280.1280 FIB_04 8e6497c4cc86ce57faf27095fb71150d 8cff326a11461f843bf667de965c6d76 3-free-printable-post-it-template

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Interactive design – great example by Johnson Banks

Years ago I came across this project by an amazing design company called Johnson Banks. They created interactive stamps which consisted of 10 fruit and veg stamps with 72 stickers so each stamps could be customised. I wonder if we could use this concept for our project, perhaps giving people a final station where they can create their own word? Perhaps magnetic scrabble letters like I posted earlier, or something similar. Just thought i’d share anyway.


fruitnveg2_555px1 fruitnveg3_555px1

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Stamp – where we can get these made

English stamp


Or we could have a go at making our own stamps!! Not sure how great they will come out!

If this is the route that we are going to go down, then perhaps we can ask for a discount if we were going to get 8 stamps made up. I don’t mind putting in the call and trying to haggle with people!

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Friday night – playing with scrabble letters

I went out on friday night and stayed over at a friends house. She had magnetic scrabble letters on her fridge, and so myself and my friend set about creating words (some rude of course) on the fridge for the morning. People love playing, getting involved with things, so perhaps a magnetic approach could work where people can make up their own words?

Below is an example I found online – my words were not appropriate for this blog!!


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Typography inspiration

Here are some examples of some interesting type showing the meaning behind the words. I’m going to do some research into typefaces that we could use for our specific words now.

original_455421_g_Vyi0zoLtaA9qr4tpR3Kdi2b wordasimage15 url Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.23.12 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.23.20 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.23.25 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.23.30 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.23.34 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.23.47 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.23.51 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.23.55 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.24.03 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.24.09 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.24.14 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.24.20 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.24.26 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.24.31 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.24.34 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.24.44 Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 08.24.50


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There are only 10 days left and we will have a presentation
so maybe we need a plan to speed on our progress~

Here is the plan before our presentation, we can arrange the time that we can meet each other, cos its not easy for everybody usually meet together, so if we each do our share, we can get this thing done in half the time.

Please discuss the arrangement of the time below
and we can make sure the time that we will have a appointment!
(doesn’t matter if one or two people absent, we still have a meeting)


12 – 10:00 am meeting & discussion
Afternoon- Library
1. To accomplish the motif and the inside of this project
2. To divide the job for everyone
3. start to work on it


14 – (meeting & discussion)
1. accomplish all of our works and share to the group

15 – 10:00-12:00 or 1:00-3:00pm English course (for the student whose from international)
(meeting & discussion)
1. how to present


18 – Presentation rehearsal

19 – Presentation

p.s I will edit this schedule after we make sure the time and date!

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